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    Your favourite DBZ Music

    ssj2 music rocked, and bojack movie music was kinda nice, it fits.
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    New characters in ESF

    Brolly really dosent have siggy moves but he does use powerfull melee attacks and powerfull freaky green beams ... that could be his siggy move. i like the idea of tien and yamcha ingame becouse i think the pwn , even tho in the show there not so powerfull they are somewhat like non-ssj gohan...
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    Humpin baby, rofl

    Oops? Had a baday and iam kinda usto all these guyz over the internet who hate jews, just bugs me...sorry O_o.
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    Humpin baby, rofl

    Incase you havent noticed even the song on the backround is a well known israeli song (atleast my folks know it) and i bet its from "Fisfosim" a weird ass show when dumb ass ppl who got played by the show host come to the show and try to win a car or something if there "Messup" was the...
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    Humpin baby, rofl

    That kid is going to be a fine man.
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    Gohan with cape!

    Mayb if the cape was smaller it would make some sense ... Oh and the hair is kewl just a few touchup and it might look really good :) And try a ssj2 version.
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    Whats Your Favorite Episode Of DBZ

    Well i cant really tell which is my favorite...but one episode really touched me *snif snif* vegeta's respect...i mean the entire show he is so proud and **** and when he realizez goku is better and also says it (even tho just for himself) its like his finelly became good... His angry atitude...
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    Another random idea from B0B

    Cant u see it? Thats not the head dumby, clearly thats homer ****.
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    Makosen N Gekiretsukodan R Different!!

    Dude get a life :\
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    More PL = Bigger Attacks

    Goku in movie 7 absorved the energy from the spirit bomb he made inorder to **** up a *** blue android.
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    ESF server files

    Can u be more spesific? :\
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    ESF server files

    Help us :\ we really need these files..biggy try posting in server fourm.
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    The whole HL2 thing

    Thanks? :E
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    How is that possible

    Your a big fat cheater :x
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    help plz

    Contect me in icq ill teach acouple things :) now in hebrew-english :> Zor iti kesher ba ICQ ve ani yelamed otha kama dvarim :P
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    melee odd thing

    Ein beaya i know most of israeli community. Basicly u might suck or he might hack.
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    DragonBall (Heads?)

    Umm Sick O_o. i liked the head thinggy that i could watch but watching goku being tourmented (by horney chichi probbly - i allways knew she liked it ruff O_o). i just wanted to say - your sick.
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    A gr8 Idea for ESF 1.234...

    i think u should stop trying to upload pics on nana. its a nice idea but iam not sure, i like to play the game as it is, to many changes might ruin the game for some ppl (AKA me). Again, dont upload pics on nana they just dumb :>.
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    WIP King Kai

    Who the hell is naz spec ? ;\ and on topic *aham aham* well the model is nice but it dosent look like king kai, i saw a good ref pic (cant remember who posted it but thx) u should try useing it, then again i might be wrong.
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    Cell Games, ESF-Style

    LOL nice mate, think u should make a show out of it, mayb ask someone who knows flash to help u, might be kinda neat ^_^.