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    CD Key

    I have a legit copy of Half-Life. somehow someone found a way of getting my key. They are on all the time so I cant play now Does anyone know of a patch that can make it so I dont need the key or I am the only one who can use it? I have tried those stupid key generatoers but they dont work...
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    I start playin ESF online then immediatly after I get knocked out of the game. I cant even choose my character anymore I already set cl_fxquality_0 What else can I do?
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    Single Player Mode

    Ok Now I know it is really ard and takes alot of time to develop a single mission. I was jusst wondering if you could include single in a future release. I would probably be able to help u in the near future. Sometime like maybe February. I have some expireince with Mugen to start then I went...
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    2 questions

    1. How do u get a high enough power level to transform? 2. How do you get to cl_??qulity? If you could answer these questions Id be grateful