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    a CS mode

    and wat if ur team mates dont wanna give u sensu beans.. just wanna watch you rott dead
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    Modelling Program Features

    one question is POSER 4 or 5 good for modeling... i just got it and im just learning it... im checking wat u guys think of it its pretty l33t cause its all based on acual people and objects... like u dont start with a blank sheet u choose a model and do stuff with it....... change almost...
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    winning a PS/BS

    yea... i usually have turbo on all the time but when i get into a struggle i accidently turn it off thinking im turning it on :(
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    Anyone got bots to work?

    they work fine if u read the readme.... plus the bots are real ****ing dum!! they shoot their team mates and cant notice when someone is behind them meeleeing their ass off
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    Water effects, minor thing to say about it

    ive never got a chance to get near water :(
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    yes some servers have no time limit..... i just find it real borining playing the same map for... ever?
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    check this out

    a sig doesnt have to be explained does it? its just art work :D
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    Psx Finalist

    yea the 3rd one... is there gonna be like an xbox one :D
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    Just sayin Hello!

    ur sig ****ing sux!!
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    I cant find the manual so....

    yea its there its real helpful.... it looks like one of the normal files cause its got a window icon... u just gotta spot it meelee u just left click fly to the enemy fast and right click is hit them
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    check this out

    thanx for teh tip... i thought about that too... ill try it next time :D
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    check this out

    vegeta is shooting?? i kinda find the pixle effect neat... cause its just overlaying not looking too shiit like a low crap grafix card
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    the esf/dll then change the liblist (spelling?) thing...
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    wow lol cool idea
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    How do u put a pics on ur name

    thnx for that... i was wondering about that for a sec... these avtars suck (no offence) :D
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    BOTS dont work with hl:counterstrik?

    why did he say hl:counterstrike?
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    I need urgent help, please help me!!!!

    i mean just what the **** is this guy on about!
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    I cant find the manual so....

    why does it make u a noob if u use beams?
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    cheesed? wtf?!
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    sig and file hosting..wat eva u want

    this is l337... ive been with them for a while.. it uses ftp witch is sAWEET and ive even uploaded porn for a while and they dont care.. and no bull**** hotlinking crap... all good its the best...