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    ESF Open Beta 9/9/07 - Beam pump + release ( Ball attacks )

    Same to me except that with SSJ Gohan(Powerbema AKA Masenko) and Goku (Spirit Bomb)
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    How to use Sword?

    I have been playing with ESF like a year by I never use trunks... Now I want to use it but i cant use the sword... How do i use it?
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    Kakashi WIP

    Sorry to revive this topic but...could you share that model? I want to use it for CCI(it has just been released)... Could you upload it so that we can download it.It looks very good!
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    I am now playing the Open Beta but i cant find any manual about that version and everybody seems to know... WHERE DO YOU KNOW FROM?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    Problem with open Beta

    OK then i will try to configurate Open GL so i can use it Waaaaah!!!
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    Problem with open Beta

    yeah Im using Steam and I recently erased all the data in my computer and I have Open GL as a video rendere but it isnt configurated so I run the game in software mode.
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    Problem with open Beta

    I recently installed the latest open beta but when I create a LAN server game it crashes when I power up(charge).The game closes without a message.Also in the character selection screen I can see N?18 and ginyu but those are the only characters I see and also I cannot see in the other old...