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    Refuses to change gametype?

    Hello. Taking your advice Omega, I found that there was no g_gametype in the 'listenserver.cfg' file. However, I found a similiar name in the 'game.cfg' file. // Half-Life Server Configuration Settings // DO NOT EDIT, GENERATED BY HALF-LIFE // File generated: Tue Mar 09 03:53:10 PM //...
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    Refuses to change gametype?

    Hello. I believe you have misunderstood me. What I mean is that, for example I set the gamemode to Free Fight. I start the server and is it Free Fight? No sir, it is teamplay. Everytime I start a server, no matter what gamemode I change to, it stays on teamplay. 1)I ask again, how do I...
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    Refuses to change gametype?

    Hello. When I started my server, via. clicking the 'Create Server Button' in ESF, there was an option called 'Gametype.' It was set on 'Teamplay'. However, I did not want to played Teamplay, but instead wanted to collect dragonballs, therefore setting it to CTDB. Yet when I started the...
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    Post your funky ESF pics!

    Hello. I suppose this question should not be asked on this forum, but I can not register on the EVM forums and many of you have pictures from this EVM Mod. Sorry for in the inconvience. 1)I tried joining one of the servers for the EVM Mod, and automaticlly downloaded all the EVM Mod pack...
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    Post your funky ESF pics!

    Hello. Yes, though it may tire you to hear constant ESF Noobs asking probably the most obvious questions ever, I will contine to anyway. 1)SSJ4 Goku? When I play ESF, the highest it will let me go is to SSJ2. Is it because I have a broken version? 2)One of the pictures on the front...
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    supressing ki, what do you think

    Hello. This may be because I am noob at ESF, but to me, it's easier to track enemies by sight rather than scouter. Yes, supressing your Ki like in the shows does seem like a good idea, but I don't think it would be very effective... Of course this maybe because I am a noob and...
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    Tienshinhan - Dragonball Adventures

    Hello. Very impressive, it's a shame that Earth Special Force cannot contain all the characters... Oh well, it is still good as it is. Crazy Demon aka. "ESF Nuub"
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    what does the ultimate wish do

    Hello. In my observations, I believe the admin sets the time of the immortatlity when creating the server. Crazy Demon aka. "ESF Nuub"
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    Questions from a noob

    Hello. Thank you for your information. However, I still have some more questions that are springing out now. 1)When I created my own server, I click off the option saying "Keep Energy Levels close to the server average." However, it did not work. What should I do to disable it...
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    AMX Mod for ESF?

    Hello. I was wondering if there is an AMX mod for ESF servers. If so, where do I download it? Thanks, Crazy Demon aka "ESF Nuub"
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    Questions from a noob

    Hello. I am Crazy Demon, a typical noob at Earth Special Force. I enjoy your game quite a lot, but I had many questions when playing the game. Therefore I entered these forums to seek answers. 1) I noticed that when I keep losing Ki at random times during the game when I respawn. Why...