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    Problem with lag... only this mod, plz read and help ASAP

    im no expert in fact im like a newb to this but maybe its just because youve gotten bad luck and no one that lives close to you has ever played with u p.s. also you should only have a maximum of 5 ppl in ureg ame to minimimize lag
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    Ingame Crashing Problems

    thx pcjoe i thought i was doin sumtin wrong or my comp jsut sucked nuts
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    Beta Idea

    you guys should(when your done) post beta on forums so people that are more deicated get the beta first :yes:
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    Esf2.0 Beta

    do all threads on this forum go completely off the topic and talk about other subjects or wut..
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    if your real bored

    if you get to bored waiting for beta you should try DMZ 1.7 its kool(i personally like it a lil more then alpha ESF) but get it at
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    Help Me!!!!

    *finishing last post* You cant play this game so dont even bother (this isnt spam) *harSens* You know there is a nice edit button below your post... Use it to edit your post next time :S
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    Help Me!!!!

    this might go into the off-topic section anyways the download the worked easiest for me is here keep in mind if you installed like counter strike not half life you put it in sierra/counter strike or what ever cd you got then you just go to the...
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    Transforming Question

    does buu have(since someone said he absorbed gotenks/picollo's attacks)Galactic donut or super kamikaze ghost?
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    Vassago's Position

    *takes deep breath* Emeka is wrong and i just checked out some of the skins uve made and... I dont have the time to make graphics that nice so.. a mod can close this thread
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    ESF IRC Channel

    im sort of a newb how do i get into the channel where do i go???
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    The Sayjin Princes TSP

    why the hell are you guys haveing personal chat in my thread
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    A Great Friend in need.... (plz read)

    Jesta if you get this message STOP MODELING take a break form it all the las tthing you need is work Im really sorry all this happened :cry:
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    Vassago's Position

    I checked my whole c drive and thier was none of my work(the only work ive doen was a TC for a game called Jedi knight it was called DBZ 4.0 and later became named Power of Earth and I deleted jedi knight and thta had all my work on it im just gonna make a dbz model it'll be done by friday
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    The Sayjin Princes TSP

    I'm hosting a new clan called The Sayjins Princes, of course a sayjin based clan we will play Counter-Strike, ESForces:alpha:Beta:, and Dragon Mod Z I will be starting the site as soon as I get the first member recurited. Aim is a MUST get aol instant messanger at or if you have aol...
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    Vassago's Position

    Hey ESF team I was wondering since Vassago's leaving maybe you will be lookin for a new skinner if you need one please consider me..
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    lil suggestion

    I personally think it would be awesome(after seeing vegetas ssj clip) to have like lightning come down(like how wut u did on dieing namek) when your going ssj(or levleing up wit anyone)that might be an idea for beta 2.0(if u decide to make one) well thanks for letting me bother u
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    SSJ Transformations

    I also have 1 question... the extra attack u get when u go ssj will it be a new attack that wasnt in the alpha?
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    {APE} Clan

    your a great clan I would really like to try out to join your clan and I heard you have a website but maybe I cant help the webMaster ive made alot of sites before im quite expierinced
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    DBZ Budokai

    ok you got me but i saw previes and the selct game screen does look *** i saw it in a magazine
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    I suspose this belongs here

    I saw several people do it but it never worked whe n i tried to do it:cry: