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    A little something I drew

    I was bored so I drew this: It's kinda big, I know, that's 'cause it scanned wrong. And I had to erase half of him, because I didn't like the way it turned out. So... what'cha think?
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    ESF Forum Beauty Pagent, Stage 2! Males!U4Y0R!ZPO39GW6RdR37Aij!onLhsV8FrWTPQ$$~5AAAaAAAAEd!Z!GgWe43M5jKY2wBdyUh4TGVcah5eq8Aw$ - Ominion - SaiyanPrideXIX - Gonadz...
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    ESF Forums Beauty Pagent! Stage 1

    I made sure this was okay with the admin, and it is. OKies, stage 1. ONLY GIRLS MAY ENTER THIS! All the girls that want to participate, please post your picture in here. Now, when it comes to the voting stage, if you have been entered in the contest.... you are not allowed to vote for...
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    Pluto sig!

    Okies, its been awhile since I've made a sig, so I made one for practice. It ha sSailor Pluto, from Sailor Moon, because the sig is for my little sister, and she wanted something that had blue, something girly, that had a quote that didn't make much sence. So, here it is!
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    Look at what I made!
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    Famous last words

    Famous Last Words Which wire was I supposed to cut? I wonder where the mother bear is. I've seen this done on TV. These are the good kind of mushrooms. . I'll hold it and you light the fuse. You look just like Charles Manson Let it down slowly. OK, I'll go ahead and make...
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    Can't resist...... posting this....

    FATTER When I wanted to avoid you Thinking I don’t want food I guess I, I couldn't resist Call to my gut, time for Lunch 'Cause I haven’t had enough You were going to my side Always widening my hide! But your crust just came down into the flames 'Cause your carbs sold me out of...
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    A Story (with pictures)

    Once upon a time there was a vampire named Jojo. He had a clone named Mini Jojo too. Jojo had a unique power to turn into a ball, and MiniJojo could turn into a girl. One day Jojo's transformation messed up, and he turned into a giant flower. I'll double post....
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    New word game

    Okay, just like the one word story and the one sentence story, this one we'll be writing poetry. Here's an example: Deverz: The Dogs of War Goku_Son_1: Have been let loose Ryoko: To hunt and chase Hibiki: My Poor green goose. After 10 lines, we start up a new one. Okay? Here's the...
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    I'm bored! Y'all are so incredibly dull! So, I had this idea. Why don't we all put two words down, and then the person posting after us will have to make a word using the two. The person then that makes the word puts two more words. For example: [Goku_Son_1] Cheese & Crackers [Ryoko]...
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    Scariest Movie!

    post what the scariest moive you've seen is and what was the scariest part. "Stephen King's 'Rose Red' " when Stephen King delivers the pizza. J/K! "Scary Movie" Lol!
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    my sig thread!

    I'm new at making sigs and I used MS paint..whacha think? the bubbles one I made isn't working...
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    what are your favorite Video Game quotes?

    Post your favorite Vidoe Game quotes and what game there from. You can post up to 6. and if it's a speacial quote, put how you get it. 1. "ARGGHHH!!!! the tip of my nose itches!!!" - Laguna from Final Fantasy 8 (about to battle, they told him not to move) 2. "ARRGGHHH!!! my back itches!!!"...
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    Welcome Back V.B.

    Welcome back V.B.! please try to stay un-banned. Everyone who is happy to see V.B. un-banned please post!
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    May I have your attention please.

    Hey guys! V.B.'s not unbanned, but Hi again y'all! Wanna talk to V.B. go to: Sorry for advertizing, but it was created just yesterday. Or rather, re-created. We have 4 members, and a whole lot of forums to post in. And for Koblano, we'd like for you to make a banner please, if you...
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    I made a sig!

    Two in fact, but this one is better than the last one. It's Bubbles, from the Powerpuff Girls. I noticed I left a bit of the background on one...but it looks like a portal thingy, so it's cool. And I actually tried for a background this time. Not just black....;/ BTW, if it gives you...
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    Symbol art

    If this should be in artwork, then please move it, but I don't really think so. Okay! Who has funny little symbol art? Like this: =^.^= <---happy cat <---- <----Arrow <(-.-<) <----Kirby pointing *<|:o) <----Happy Clown <_|_|_|_)3< <---- Carrot <_|CRAYOLA|_|...
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    Hey! Look in here!

    Now that I have your attention, there are few things that V.B. wanted me to say for y'all (if you don't mind). Okay, these are for a select few, and in PM it would take too long, so... 1. to Scooterman & Koblano: (she's not typing, so it's still me :p) Hey guys, I was wondering if you two...
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    Lyrics thread

    In the boredom topic, posting lyrics has become a fad, so let's make a thread! Woohoo! *does a Goku dance*. Alrighty, let's start off with Depeche Mode, Tenchi Muyo, P.O.D, and Digimon songs. Digimon - Here We Go (from Season 2) Here We Go! Hey, what's up, Superstar? Looks like...
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    V.B. was banned

    Okay guys, for the next two weeks she will not post any of her stories, poetry, jokes, riddles, or rare/funny pics. You'll have to go on without her because she was unfairly banned. After the last warning Deverz sent, she DID stop arguing with Nameless, but they banned her anyways, and not...