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    Ending Of Eva?What goin on?

    Ok, I just watched Eva. I was totally confused when I was watching the ending. Who send the last angel? Where did angels come from? What is the commander really trying to do with the evas and adam. WTH? Is the whole story about how the father wants his son to realizes that no one hate him...
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    What can beam jump use for?

    What can Beam Jump be use for? here are some of the idea. 1. When you melee a person on the ground, they will fly up. Then, immedately use beam to jump up to him before he recover, and melee him again. 2. using beam jump to jump around on ESF_CITY Share you thoughts.
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    How many Transformation are there per char?

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I just want to ask how many tansformation are there per charcter now? The in game chatacters description say each have two, but I really never try it, COz my powerlevel never go up to that high. PS. Sorry . If this question is being asked already. Thanks