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    Yo guys

    can you help me make esf work I have counterstrike but it wont let me play for some reason i type -game esf n cs just starts up lol.
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    Help ([U]1 [/U] [U]2 [/U])

    1 My esf one one of my computers keeps crashing and I dont know why it gets to where its about to join them blam crash HELLLP
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    Having some trouble shooting

    Alright I have 3 comps on a lan that me and my friends play esf on, however i took a break for ahwile cuz of some rpgs i played, anyway when I reinstalled esf it works on 2 comps but on the 3rd what happens is its joining the game and right as it looks like its ready to start *screen slowly...
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    ESF beta1.2

    K well, No one can really say for sure except for the team and even then its hard predicting that sorta thing. I'm almost positive 2nd transformations wont be in 1.2 and prolly will be a little while later cuz now I'm just assuming this but I think theyd have to make transformations for...
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    vegetas rapidfire?

    yes! lets give a bigger better one to goku because he certainly doesnt have enough moves. Mabey your right sailor, but so far while you try to prove a point you seem idiotic at the same time. Talking to yourself, posting far too much with the same statements. We say our side and you do not...
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    My Eyes!! AGHHH

    im a forum lurker, don't really post much, matter a fact this is like my 3rd lol. I only talk when I feel i needa voice my opinion. I've always felt a forum is a place where you can relax, read a few posts, make a few of yer own. Usually a easy to navigate, good setup, type of thing. But...
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    2 Person Melee...i lose :S

    I might be wrong but I thought power level and the angle you hit at had alot to do with it? Cause it seems when ever someone is flying up at me and Im charging down at them I win.
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    You say it!!!

    I kina like the bots, I admit they are pretty dumb but its perfect for a new person who just started to play or sometimes when theres a server that I really get my ass kicked and I feel like I suck horribly beating up on a few bots makes me feel oh so much better :)
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    Any way to modify pl?

    Does anyone know how you can modify your power level because sometimes I just feel like setting everyones powerlvl to 50 million and having a frag fest lol
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    Can u change powerlvls

    Alright I was just wondering is there any way if your the host you can set your power level because that would save me alot of time. If u know how please tell me and if your on aim my instant messanger name is DBSTrunks. Sorry if this was already asked before I'm a newb to the boards and game...