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    constant crashing problem

    hello again, I am having a crashing problem with esf for awhile now. I have looked on this board for answers/faqs and have found none. The game crashes everytime I play (unless I quit before it crashes) :rolleyes: But I never got past 4 million pl. I only experience this problem with esf mod...
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    some esf ideas

    some of these ideas may have been suggested so just bare with me n dont flame 1)when swooping to some one and the locked on person teleports the lock-on should be deactivated, it only makes sense cause if someone dissapears out of thin air how would u still go at full speed towards them?! thats...
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    freeza disk idea

    i think the current freeza disk doesnt live up to the control the anime does so i have an idea that would work. before u start to charge for ur disk, i think a secondary fire SHOULD put in in 1st person mode, but this first person mode you should be able to move the disk at will, as if you...
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    battle arena bug

    i dont know if this was mentioned but in battle arena the worldspawn kills you ll the time, it just keeps killing me and everyone that is either in the center of the dome or is just respawning, its pretty funny too lol
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    cant play mp3

    sorry to bother but cant play mp3 songs! press f and the player comes out but when i press the arrows nothing comes out and i press play, nothing. i made a playlist with my own songs and esf songs but nothing happens. later i downloaded another fmod.dll from here and it says outdated .dll blah...
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    another melee suggestion

    i hope i dont get flamed or anything but here it goes... the current melee system is ok, and i heard of the improvements soon to be added cant wait, but i would like to add something new aswell, this will benefit the advance melee users. Its similar to the idea of dbz:legends for the ps1...
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    teleportation fix idea

    1) i think the teleportation needs a graphic fix, instead of weird particles coming out when u teleport u should either see speed lines like in the anime or an after image fading away, that will display the speed of the teleport. 2) i also think the teleport shouldnt have a teleport...