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    Kooler-Requested Model

    I'm trying to get into contact with the person that requested this model. The model was about 95% complete the last time I talked to him but that was about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Now that I got a little bit of time it is done but I can't seem to get in contact with him. He didn't leave an e-mail...
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    Piccolo Skin

    This is my skin for my Piccolo model. Its only my second skin and skinmap ever so... And I know that the ears are a little light atm but I'm gonna fix that.
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    Piccolo WIP

    Sorry didn't have enough time to mirror over the other side for the pics. I think I'll have all the modeling done by some time this weekend. Tell me what you think of it so far.
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    Bulma and Captain Ginyu Models

    Some models I recently made. Probably the last ones for awhile. What do you think?
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    Dende and Porunga Models

    Just some models I've made over the past few days. They're finished but I just wanted some opinions on how they look. Pictures are low res so keep that in mind.
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    Uubu model: need a skinner

    I've made this Uubu model and I need a skinner. If anyone is interested in skinning it just pm me.
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    Much improved Oozaru Bebi-Vegeta

    I've changed alot of the model and reskinned the whole thing. I think it looks alot better and much more accurate to the character in the show. I'm looking for someone to host it. esf-world went down like a day after they uploaded my old model and are still down. Even a list of sites that...
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    Not a BFP rip

    I'm just trying to clear up any confusion about my model being a rip of the BFP one. The only parts that are not made from scratch by me are the hands and legs which were made by the esf team so credits go to them. The funniest claim, besides the head being from the BFP model, is that I just...