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    System Specs.

    The Beta Runs fine on my system. P2 400, 256megs of Ram, and a Voodoo 3 (On Windows XP) Computer 2: P3 866, 512megs of Ram and a GeForce 4 (On Windows XP) I only have trouble playing long periods of time.(over a few hours) Then it starts to slow down and get worse and worse, but if I just...
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    Power Struggle

    Befor you could blow out of a PS and now you can't. Lets say your doing a 1 vs. 1 (Goku Vs. Vegita). Goku fire's a beam, Vegita fire's Big Bang Ball at it, now, Goku has only 2 choices, 1. Push the ball to the wall, 2. Let the ball hit. Now Goku can't avoid being hit if Vegita fires any...