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    about the site...

    esf team, u might want to update the file sctor which indicates that the current beta is 1.1, and the gallery that contains pictures from the early 1.1 and the 1.0
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    lags in server....

    hello, somebody? anybody?
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    lags in server....

    i have a server, in 1.1 is worked smoothly with great fps and no lags at all. but after installed 1.2, it lags like hell, i used to have 20-40 ping there, and now i have 120-220. i have tried it on steam and on won. it lags both ways. what should i do?
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    1.2 special combos

    where can i get the 2 videos from the release party?
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    1.2 special combos

    if you figured them both out, plz, share with us.
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    adv. meele question.

    you should read the manual and the archive about the adv. melee before asking those questions. they clearly said a bubble will apear around the 2 players that are in the hand to hand combat to signal everyone that they are in bettle and they are immuned.
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    The new explosion...

    will the new explosion sprites will have an effect on the fps?
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    will the bug of esf with the C-D ever be fixed?

    you think there are no people who can write their own cheats?? i personally know one who has written a cheat that keeps his ki bar full. and you still havent answered my question, will it be fixed?
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    will the bug of esf with the C-D ever be fixed?

    will the "colored models" bug of esf with cheating death ever be fixed?
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    it looks like a real headache for my fps :\
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    Recovering Quastion

    he is not a newbie, but there is a fast recover, i think its a bug, when u get hit in air, and u fly back from it, and instad of stopping and then start swooping, it just start swooping, i think he ment it.
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    Vegeta WIP!

    its looks great, but my god, he doesnt have a penis!!!
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    steam problem....

    10x u helped me a lot
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    steam problem....

    I installed steam, and the problem is that i cant ajust my keys. so i have to bind them, pressing putting defaults doesnt work, it just erases all the keys. is there an esf steam patch that i can install??
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    thank u :)
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    I cant open my console.... i press the ~ key and my console just doesnt respond. what can i do???
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    SSJ2 Gohan Releasel

    First of all, if u dont want critz, u souldnt have posted a pic of it and asked our opinion!!! :\ And my opinion is: face looks freaky, reminds more a combination of ssj vegeta and ssj3 goku. i like the clothes and the body, but the hair just looks like blank yellow and the face..... :|
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    Help with some Melee stuff

    Lynx, you should know better then this, the new players need to learn to hit from the side or from the back instad of headon, this is my advise: try to learn how to confuse your opponet and hit him when he is not ready.
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    cant use sword on server

    thank u very very very much ur the best
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    cant use sword on server

    we dont where it could be can u give us a post link or some clue?