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    POTW - 6/14/09

    I haven't posted in a long time, but I feel like I gotta leave a message of appreciation. I am amazed at the kind of graphical improvements I'm seeing. The game has always been great both graphically and technically, but what we're seeing now is something I never expected. Sure there's...
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    Farewell Stryker

    well, I know I never post here, but I gotta say good luck and have fun to stryker cuz I have some friends and family that are/were in the air force.
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    URGENT: Virus warning

    I got hit with something last night also guys, but I dont think it got into my system. Thanks for the warning, Ill check it again.
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    ESF 1.1 Bug Report!

    well... Midg0t/Devil/Dark Elf is back... Sometimes the ESBs aura stays wrapped around your body, and sometimes it gets bigger <- I see whats going on now, its not the game On battlearena, when Im good and I go to the left side on the outside of the building, I start to get sucked in by...
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    My Suggestions

    Well, I have a couple suggestions!!! lmao, yay Anyway: -Dont make charging make you fly, I hate it when Im beam jumping and go to charge while falling in hopes of shooting another, and I start hovering... :cry: -Its hard to hit enemies beams to start a multi-powerstruggle if someone has...
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    ESF Kidz

    ROFL, AHAHAHAHAHA, ESF KIDS :D, can that be an expansion for esf
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    lower your powerlevel from scouters

    i figured so, just wish I coulda known that b4 I made an ass of myself...;( ...I still think its a good idea;D
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    lower your powerlevel from scouters

    already suggested it, but I dont think people really listen to me around here, lmao, seeing as my post count is only 5 :S <- there it is (and I have already linked it in another post about controling PL, but still no replys for me)
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    The Scouters

    Well, maybe if someone just starts powering up, or charging a beam, there dot can flash or get a circle around it, and as for people above you or below you, I guess arrows might be a good idea, although its kinda fun confusing your enemy by flying above or below them (;D), scouters on the skins...
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    idea on a vegeta transformation

    actually from what I understand majin and ssj2 happen at the same time, when he goes majin it gives him what he needs to go ssj2, so he gets a really big power boost from it...
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    candy bug (unstated)

    ok, what would be cool is if the shield were treated like a beam, if another beam hits it, you get the power struggle bar, and you have to over power the beam, otherwise it will go thru the shield and hit you and most likely kill you, also, if your shield is more powerfull then the power rating...
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    Money + Half-Life, all you'll ever need.

    basically the game is only worth 15 dollars, BUT, they go and make the rip off version with some expansions, and counter strike, and maybe some other mods, like you couldnt download them yourself, and tack on about 20 dollars, so unless you can find the cheap version, it sells for about...
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    Well, this is my first post on the ESF boards, and I hope this hasnt been said before, especially not recently, but I have an idea... I thought it would be a good idea, instead of just ur PL changing when your life gets too low, you should be able to control it, when you hold down the descend...