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    hxh question<<

    any1 know where i can get hunter x hunter OVA 2 greed island??
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    Grand Tournament #2

    Im going to have to drop for the tourney because of basketball practice -_-'
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    Grand Tournament #2

    name: -LS-Zod location: North Carolina character: Cell
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    A kenshin sig

    just finished this a little while ago, this is a different style then i usually do , what do u think?
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    Who can Trash the best

    nice dudeman it looks very realistic , but ur fire looks like an aura
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    Devil Information Dump

    Devil was just in DoA's server and of course he said freeze so all i could do was get out but b4 he freezed it i got this :laff: 22639 - his won id , oh well just one more for your list
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    [WIP]Bite my shiny metal A$$

    keep teh futurama look! , gj
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    [WIP]Bite my shiny metal A$$

    keep teh futurama look! , gj
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    is it just me or does it look blurry? anyway , gj
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    :shocked: nice!
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    rur..ruroni kenshin wip?!?! WTF?

    it looks good , who will it replace?
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    unnofficial Sig Competion

    well here is mine :devsmile:
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    Kuwbaras Pimpin New Sig..

    it nice but it would look better if you put your name over the dots
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    a couple new sigs

    im not just saying that , look at the other things ive made then look it it lol , then maby you could tell
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    a couple new sigs

    well i didnt really try on the gohan :p but the shenlong i tried on
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    a couple new sigs

    I have 2 new sigs , just finished them what do you think? and this
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    rate my newest sig :smile:
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    A few Particle System suggestions.

    where did you dl it?
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    gohan (cell saga)

    well its pretty good , i dont think anything is wrong with his hair but his pants meet in the inside is to flar it needs to be more triangular and his leg are to thin just fix those
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    New Kenshin sig (again)

    okay i changed it around a bit check out my first post and tell me what you think about the other one i posted on there