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    what does this mean

    what does this mean and what do you do cause when I go to a server it goes to that esf screen connecting then it comes out saying my esf executable is oudated:cry: What do I do to that cause then it says look for upgrades then while looking it says hl1.1.1.0 is updated then thats it.......what...
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    I saw on red saiyan red bemas and auras and what not.How do you put that on your character if even possible
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    Final Shine Attack

    There is this move by Vegeta called Final Shine....It is like the Big Bang attack mixed with Final Flash.It is strictly a ssj move.Vegeta forms a ball in one hand like big bang but facing squarley foward.Then yells Final Shine.The ball gets pushed foward by a gigantic beam like it is a Final...
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    For those who wanna read it

    :) Yo I had an Inspiration I belive it will be hard to do but wouldn't it to be cool if a character was to have 2 sets of attacks like you can change Martial Art styles.Cool like Goku can have his attacks then in ssj a whole set of diffrent ones like he changes fighting style.What you think.
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    I was thinking Piccolo is a hot character,you should work with him more.I suggest that one transformation is that Piccolo looks up and he sees the moon that Garlic Jr used to escape the Dead Zone and he buffs up and his eye become dark red and his aura red,that would be hot.And as a move...
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    Serious Question

    :talk: I need ro know how to add more models to the ESF game.I belive it is possible because I see models at red saiyajin. :yes: :S G-Wolf
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    :) I play ESf on my friends computer right and i wonder when u download a new model how do you install it to the game.My friend tried and it did not work so how do yo do it.I would really appreciate your answers G-wolf :yes: ;)
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    i must learn this please

    All i have is counterstrike retail version1.3 and i am not getting half-life anytime soon for i am really busy but i really wanna play ESF in my freetime(props to the developers for such a great mod)How would i play this game using only counterstrike(which i heard could be done)i would like to...