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    i know this is off the topic BUT PLZ HELP!!

    i know this is off the topic and plz dont band me for this but if some1 out there has holy wars for half life can u send me the model file called p_railgun.mdl :cry: :cry: :cry: im using esf forums becuase u guys are the only 1's who reply .......plz some1 send it to me plz plz...
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    can u transfom 2 times??

    in the game its say transform pl then its say perfict transform can u like go ssj then ssj2 ?????;/ ;/ ;/ ;/
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    special beam cannon to slow!

    they should make the special beam cannon alot faster in 1.1. i could shoot special beam cannon and teleport in fron of it so it could hit me (it didnt dmg though) plus u should make SPC like a normal beam, coz every time i have a ps with a SPC i can just move away from it and shoot another...