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    Mirror Lost?!

    OMFG. I was downloading the ESF 1.1 Patch from or something and it can no longer download from there! It tells me to find more mirrors (Getright). Can someone help me on this? If I have to start again, I'm gonna be REAL pissed, cos I'm on 56k with limited time :(
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    More characters?

    Um..I don't know if this goes against ESF's copywrite rules or anything, but is it possible to choose more characters? Ie-have more than 9 or ten, or whatever they have at the moment? And if so, how?
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    In game to AVI

    Is it possible to use a certain programme to convert your downloaded footage from HL to .avi? ie- the beta 1.1 preview thnx
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    Milkshape Registration

    Ok, I download Milkshape 3d version 1.6.5 from the official site. I wanna do that CS Girl tutorial. Anyway, I go and use Milkshape for however many days. Then, just recently, it said my version had expired and I can't save and I have to register. I ***** about it to my friends and one of them...