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    Anyone wanna join DS

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    half-life 2 wasnt leaked buddy that was a photoshopped pic thats hwy i said "It looks real though right?" :rolleyes: god the admins here r so uptight :\
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    Half-Life 2 Leaked?!?!?!

    ;) :) lol it looks real though right? :talk: sorry if i brought anyones dreams crashing down ;)
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    OWND thread

    Hello and welcome to last year
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    Favorite Half-Life mod.

    NS is just a rip off of Gloom ;/ EDIT: i pick firearms because of the community
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    show your pets!

    I was gonna post pics of my dog but my scanner screwed up, so ill jus tell you about him lol, hes a black scotty, real small, name is macintosh :)
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    Final Fantasy Trilogy

    wow i feel so loved, no replies :rolleyes:
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    Final Fantasy Trilogy

    Movie very funny sorry if its been posted b4
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    Natural Selection

    It gets boring after an hour and the levels are very repetitive =/
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    South Park

    I have to start counting how many tims hibiki uses the :rolleyes: smilie :paper:
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    I jus saw it on cartoon network lol, i dont think they raped it much, but i really dont have much room to talk considering ive never seen it b4 and i liked dubbed anime better..... but still i didnt think it was that bad, reminds of of dbz only with robots though....woops.../me puts on flame...
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    whats ur name mean?

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    What is the best anime?

    1. Pokemon 2. Pokemon 3. Pokemon 4. Pokemon 5. Pokemon
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    The International love thread

    Vegetto has 2 T's so thats cool enough for me ;D (yea...i dont know either O_o )
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    why do servers crash so much?

    Their workin on it
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    Dragonballs And Senzubeans

    Sensu beans r hard ot find they sink into the ground D:!
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    why would u want to play on a lan anyways? :]
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    Tha whistles go WOO WOO!!

    go to and youll understand how i got my sig and why im in the woo wo fanclub ;)
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    What do you think of the job the moderating staff is doing?

    Sometimes i think the mods close OFT threads when they dont need to be closed..i means its OFT, right? but its just a minor gripe, not a big deal really :fight: