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    Piccolo with cape suggestion!!!

    For the piccolo transformation i think that at first he should be whering his cape and hat and then when he transformes to super namek then he throws off his cape and stuff and looks like he does now it wouldent really do much but at least you would be able to tell if he is transformed or...
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    Moving Auras anyone??

    i think if possible then the auras in the game should move thats all i got to say about that....just a thought......
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    ADD GOTENKS!!(with no stupid animations)

    ok here is the deal poeple keep asking u people to put fusions in the game and the obious answer is NO!!! so then rather then having it start with a different person and then fusing why not just put Gotenks in the game, no stupid first u pick trunks then do all this crap to get to fuse why not...
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    Yo!! People im on your sides!!!!!

    ok here is the deal im not saying that the game is bad it is in fact the best dbz game yet so you have gotten it all wrong i am only telling you that the game could be amazing better then it already is and thats pretty much all im not trying to say whats wrong only saiyng what could make it...
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    A list of stuff you should all read!!!!!

    I think that you should do one f many things that will make the game that much better (althought it is the best dbz game yet) 1. you need the obious super saiyan 2-3 transformations for goku and the same for the other saiyans-you nedd the full transformations for everyone. need the...