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    One word story

    Today hibiki ate god. Then shot ki-blasts at santa who deflected it back down. Goku_Son_1 ate socks, which poisoned rats that caused world-wide smallpox vaccinations forever ... Chinese chicken threw Japanese farts impacting mules of your anus pro-nojus.Ninja`s castrated Ultima very HAPILY...
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    Sup guys im back for the march break ........ so lets make a new tourney !!!!!!! i will host just put ur thoughts for the tourny and i will make it so......
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    installer problems for dmz

    Everytime i try to install dmz i get this.... Dragon Mod Z 1.7 Setup The 3 day trail period for this installer has expired. It was built with a demo version of Installer VISE from MindVision Software. I went to the website to see if i can update but no good...can anyone help plz.
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    I'm new

    Yes, Yes, welcome to the forums! ................... I hope to face u in a tourny soon with magus and glenn soon
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    i collected the dragonballs etc then i get three options immortality friendship and something else (i forget) ....which one is better to use? why? what does each option mean (i.e friendship?).
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    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz;page__download_file;filepath__/dmcentral/MODS/;cache__1F;clear__filepath,page; TO GET ZIPPED BETA 1! :)
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    DBZ eps.

    it depends on how u say it 2.....but u can download the episodes but for backup only and they have to be gone off of our computer with 24 hours...
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    Magus's B-Day!

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    Tournament !!!!!!!!!

    ok i get wut u mean bud ... its all good but most people just come to the forums and not to irc..........its all good though ;)
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    Tournament !!!!!!!!!

    k its done......
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    [.img] (the website for your pic / host ) [./img] (without the periods)
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    Tournament !!!!!!!!!

    alright 12 : 30 get ready
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    Sig problem

    thxs i will give it a shot...and shes hot .. lol j/k :)
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    Tournament !!!!!!!!!

    Magus tell me when u want the tourny and i will host it ok...
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    Sig problem

    it still doesnt make it work......
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    Sig problem

    sorry its: this is the website for my pic!!!!.jpg now to insert it into the posts its [.img]!!!!.jpg[./img] (without the periods) right why isnt it working?
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    Sig problem

    this is the website for my pic!!!!.jpg now to insert it into the posts its right why isnt it working?
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    Tournament !!!!!!!!!

    k 1 has past ........hopefully later on tonight :) ITS ALWAYS FUN TO HAVE A TOURNY! :)
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    New Dbz Game Comming Out

    Its for the gamecube......
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    Tournament !!!!!!!!!

    LOL ....... TAKE IT at 1 if nobody response by that time then no tourny :(