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    implenting beam attacks in SX

    hello, after days of thinking and hours of trying and testing, I'm finally out of ideas and everything else. I'm creating a special attack using special xtension and some of amxx+other module include files, but I can't anyhow "RECREATE" an existing attack. In other words, I am trying to create...
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    new work in progress esf mod is a mod to the base game and an improvement which includes more powerful transformations, better graphics, improved blasts, and character models. This is like ecx or bigpack (Which are other mod's that attempted to imporve on classic esf 1.2.3) but it attempts...
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    need a model to keep my job XDDDDDDD

    hey esf team i know your super super busy but my job which by the way is devoted to esf im a tester is on teh line and i needa vocaloid model if ima keep my job cause my boss sucks so please do this i will be for ever in yur debt.:love::rolleyes::shocked::smile: