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    Can't install the game.

    Hey ya'll, trying to download the game to show a friend, but when I launch the launcher it says the game's already installed, clicking yes just dismisses the dialogue box. Hitting no furthers the process up to the half life folder destination point, I change it to another drive, then all the...
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    Why is DBA even still on moddb, at spot 12 no less?

    It's been 3 years since an update. I don't get how they still stay up on the chart.
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    Did you guys know?

    The bird is the word.
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    I don't get this...plot hole?

    Alright. Why the hell don't Goku and Vegeta use the dragonballs to bring back their home planet and all the sayians(obviously except Broly and his Pops). Then they could go to the planet with Gohan, Goten and Trunks, and turn their race into a somewhat decent people. They shouldn't have a...
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    You guys ever sleeve your cables?

    I just did this about 2 months? back for the first time. I think it came out pretty nice, and I was very proud of it. Doing the actual sleeving. =] Voiding my psu's warranty A couple weeks after I started put in a new CPU cooler, more sleeving, and better WM. Lols, nervermind the...
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    LOL at facebook Pirate English!

    If you have facebook, go all the way to the bottom, on the left it says English(US), change it to English(Pirate). Hysterical! So keeping this.
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    Can you guys do me a favor?

    Cause, it'd be like super awesome if you band and I are in a battle of the bands against 1 band, it's so we keep going up the bracket. This other band have been spamming votes(2000+ votes in an hour or so), so we're trying to do it back. If you guys could just vote it'd be...
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    Can someone tell me whats on this DVD? I'm confused.
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    Seriously, great movie, superb acting, great characters, and Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg are hysterical. If you haven't seen it, go see it asap. About time a good movie came out.
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    Help out Mr. Freeman would ya? Vote for Gordon!
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    Arm pointing when shooting beams.

    If you notice in this picture Goku's Arms are pointing straight out as if he was shooting straight, however hes shooting upwards at another beam. I think that his hands should be pointing in the same direction as the beam, if it's possible to do. Imo, it just looks stupid if the arms...
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    Billy Mays found dead in his home. Dude. June 2009 is really being a ****.
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    So is anyone into like hardcore/screamo stuff?

    Just wonderin what bands the people here listen to. You also might like my band.
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    Bots in the open/closed beta.

    Well, closed beta now...but yeah after awhile with messing with bots in my own server, I get this error message. It's too bad, 1.3 beta is so fun =\ There's nothing I can do about this right? Sorry if this is a repost, I tried searching a couple times. Totally drew on it by accident in...
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    Energy Blasts in Melee.

    Well if you ever watched the show during a fight scene, two people would be fighting, and in like the middle of their fist fight(while they're close together) one would form an energy ball right in the enemies mid section,(or in Trunk's face like in Bojack Inbound)and blast them pretty far...
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    Message_end, Looping sound, and Crash.

    This keeps happening me everytime I make my own server. =\ k so it also happens when I add a bot in-game.
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    Super bots on the good team...

    It isnt letting me add super, mega, or ultimate bots to the good team...any ideas as to why?
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    Class selection...

    I was just playing the Ob, and when I was choosing my class, Vegeta, Buu, Cell and Frieza just werent on the screen...I couldn't pick them...but I could add them as bots. Also, with the basic melee, if you have someone of the ground, and you are on top of them, you can just keep right clicking...
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    Could do with some help...

    Yeah, I just reinstalled ESF and when I join a game, or create one, the screen just blinks like really fast, but esf is still on the screen and I can move my char and stuff and hear the noises, but I cant see, i dont know its wierd...I installed the esf world model pack, but i dont think that...
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    When did yamcha learn the kamehameha?

    And when did he get the scars on his face, in dragonball he doesnt have them...