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    LOTR: the return of the king problem

    OK, heres the problem: no mather what character i select, its always Sam. All levels has the same problem. Can anyone help me?
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    dbz clips

    Anyone know where i can download HIGH quality Windows Media Player DBZ clips (!not music videos!) for my music videos i am creating.
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    dbz music videos

    is anyone creating dbz music videos?I've created 4 with the Windows movie maker.
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    yamcha's suggestion

    yeah, i know, new characters MAYBE will be in the later later... esf beta's, but i post it anyway. Yamcha normal form pl: 650000 attacks: wolf's fang fist. this can be like an inmproved meele, like he does free little punches, kicks, but the equal dammage is bigger than normal meele's...
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    Which of these films,of your opinion is the best? I think the best is DBZ special 2 : history of trunks. I don't know why, i just like it. What do you think? ( I posted not all films on the pool )
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    energy shield

    i am suggesting another version of the shield. It could last about 2 seconds and cost about 1/10 of your KI. It could protect you from small beams ant KI blasts. It could be a small round shield around you. and you could not fire a shield beam. What do you think about my idea?
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    absorbing beams

    i don't know, maybe it's in the game alrady. If it is, i'm really really sorry. Look, i think when Gohan does his shield and someone (it doesn't matter, an allie or an enemy) fires a beam in to the shield, the shield absorbs it and the shield attack is more powerful.
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    is this possible?

    i want to ask is it possible when you are playing and press a button on your keyboard and then you can hear a fraze or a taunt?
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    imesh or kazaa?

    i want to ask everyone is kazaa (i forgot that word so i will say "more good") more good than imesh or is imesh more good than kazaa?
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    question about the bots

    I downloaded ki bot 3.0 and instaled it in ESF folder. Then i downloaded ki bot 3.1 and unziped it in ESF folder. But when i'm starting to play, there is a small sentence (or fraze, i don't know) in the leht- "ki bot version 3.0" . But i unziped Ki bot 3.1 ! Why there's "ki bot version 3.0" ?
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    transform bug

    sometimes you can fly while you are transforming. I don't say that's bad, but i thing tis is a bug anyway.
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    help with demo, please!

    I was talking about ESF recorded demo. But i fixed this problem. Now another question can windows media player or real one media player play ESF demo?
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    I have 1 quetion. Can i skin models with Milkshake 3d?
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    That's maybe off-topic a little but i will post anyway. Look, you know "dead" sounds, right? So can i change them with my own? I think i can. I have a DBZ film in REAL ONE PLAYER. And in that film goku says one fraze which i want to be th "dead sound. But how i can cut that clip ( when Goku...
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    OK this is not my problem but my friend's (he don't have internet so i will spoke for him). First the problem was client.dll, but we fixd it no e an error says that voiceicon.spr can't be found. What should we do?:(
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    more bigger sounds

    1. i think there should be bigger sounds in beta 1.1 . For example, in the game, i was flying not so far away from the main fighting in the map. i saw many explosions and beams, but i couldn't hear anythink! 2. There isn't footsteps sounds in ESF! I marked the spot whit "x", where is...
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    Charcters And Attacks

    i just wanna to know what characters and attacks other people like in ESF. I like Goku, his kamehameha and meele (meele just for have fun and kamehameha for serious damaging):)
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    I need halp, please!

    OK that's my problem: When iam at the end (or at the top) of the map, all objects in the map just DISAPPEAR and i only can see players. How can i fix this problem?!:(
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    a little idea

    i don't know , maybe it was suggested before , but i'll stil suggest this. for example i'm vegeta and goku are throwing the Sprit Bomb at me. When it allmost hit's me i push and hold the key on keybord and if vegeta's power is bigger than goku's , he turns the spirit bomb against goku. I saw...
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    Perfect Transform

    what is the perfect transform???