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    multifunctional aura

    1. I suggest to make one aura for turbo, powerup, swoop and transformation (i mean that aura would not turn after transformation), but of course it must change in size. And it's a little bit stupid when turbo aura turn off while poweruping. 2. It will be great to add aura splash or something...
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    I need help with compiling model

    What should I use program to make model and compile it to mdl with skeleton and all other things? (sorry for bad english) :laff:
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    how to make mdl file?

    How using milkshape crate mdl file?
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    swooping and turbo bug

    While swooping if you press turbo, character BECOME DEPENDENT with aura.
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    FaSt TrAnSfOrMaTiOn

    :warning: I think it will be cool if it will be possible to transform while swooping/turbo flying/charging powers, because in film they can do it. Think about it :yes: :laff: