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  1. mysticssjgoku4

    Babadi's LAir Map

    I can't believe I'm reviving a 15 year old thread, and I doubt anyone even pays attention this stuff anymore but I've been spending alot of time trying to finish this map I never completed it due to losing interest when I was younger, but came across it after having a half-life itch of...
  2. mysticssjgoku4

    Models twisted in map

    Just FYI, while this does not explain the reason for this occurring I was able to get around it by decompiling the models, removing all but two animations and recompiling: idle look_idle & removing the 4 controller points in the .qc file $controller 0 "Bip01 Spine" YR -30 30 $controller 1...
  3. mysticssjgoku4

    Models twisted in map

    I'm a little confused here as to why models are twisted when placed in maps I tried decompiling the models, removing all but 2 of the animations, and they still show up as twisted Tried searching forums fro "models twisted in map" but it says the keyword "map" cannot be included as it's too...
  4. mysticssjgoku4

    Max viewable distance for maps

    Thanks for looking into all of that. I figured out the issue For some reason the raw value in my map properties was "maxrange" not "MaxRange" I'm using this version of the FGD (maybe it's outdated now?) // // Earth Special forces game definition file (.fgd) // Version beta 1 // For...
  5. mysticssjgoku4

    Max viewable distance for maps

    No worries man, we were all young(er) at the time, it happens lol Checking out the "Sledge Editor" it's kind of life hammer but useful updates like model rendering and texture rendering for water (see through). So far I like it better as it auto saves 5 versions of your work. I came across an...
  6. mysticssjgoku4

    Binding fly to right shift doesnt work, suggestions?

    Every time I bind my right shift to fly, it comes up in the menu as "left shift" When I type bind "shift" in the console it says togglefly but my key never works Any suggestions?
  7. mysticssjgoku4

    Max viewable distance for maps

    Here I am 15 years later and I really regret never finishing my babadi map from years past. One of the major issues I was having is setting the max view distance so I can see the entire play field. ESF_CITY is MUCH bigger than my...
  8. mysticssjgoku4

    What do you need?

    Sucks those are both of my least favorite skill sets lol
  9. mysticssjgoku4

    Yes.. We are still alive!

    I started playing this game when I was like 11, now I'm 30 today lmao I can't wait for the final version Too bad I lost most of my custom map files and such on a HDD crash over 10 years ago
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    No TSRP man, that shit is dead
  11. mysticssjgoku4

    Just stopped in for lulz.

    Almost another 4 years later, hello gents
  12. mysticssjgoku4

    Buying a new laptop and had a few questions

    False. Hurts the pockets and most of the time, higher capacity RAM results in slower RAM with more room (unless there's a more recent reputable performance indexes available to debunk this) 4GB generally has had faster performance ratings than 8GB, and I can only imagine what it would be with...
  13. mysticssjgoku4

    Amazing Dad, watch this nao!

    To hell with her social life, family is much more important. I agree this was a great way to protect his family's reputation, dignity and perhaps teach a valuable lesson; something that people have no sense of anymore. Not everyone learns the same way, and if this guy is as level headed as I...
  14. mysticssjgoku4

    Buying a new laptop and had a few questions

    Get the laptop with the biggest rims. 16gb of RAM is overkill, hell 8GB isn't even necessary yet.
  15. mysticssjgoku4

    Chakra, Happy Black History Month!

    You should be so lucky (at least in America). Black history month is pointless, senseless crap that aims to make the general population "learn" the contributions of those only black in America and over glorify MLK over Malcolm X; A poor attempt to curb racial dividing lines. The fact that a...
  16. mysticssjgoku4

    Rick Santorum, fact free politician!

    I'm not a firm believer in any religion, and don't normally quote religious texts because of their uncertainty.... but I find it very odd that such a thing being used in humans was perhaps..... 'predicted' in the King James Book of Revelation, CH13. Essentially meaning that you may not...
  17. mysticssjgoku4

    Rick Santorum, fact free politician!

    Your reasoning is terrible, and shows that you are blatantly blind to reality. You need to stop watching so much TV. Protip #1337 - Calling others names does not make your statements true. You can continue to believe bull****, but keep in mind you are the disease that is ruining this country...
  18. mysticssjgoku4

    Rick Santorum, fact free politician!

    How exactly are illegal citizens the best thing ever? It ruins the economy with over population, less tax payers, less jobs, less u.s. currency circulating per person and drives down the labor rate almost equivalent to slave status.... This creates a job shortage and millions of "discourage...
  19. mysticssjgoku4

    Rick Santorum, fact free politician!

    Jumping over all points of discussion without response, calling me names... :rolleyes: Some show empathy, some show dislike...neither is wrong. You can be empathetic all you want, but some people don't want to be involved (including myself) with the same group of kids that thought...
  20. mysticssjgoku4

    George removing the original Trilogy of Star Wars from canon.

    I like how the article has been removed since posted...