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    Sound editing

    I want to try edit some sounds so I can help out a mod ;) But I dont got a program for it, so if anybody knows where I can download a little decent program, reply. First reply gets pie ! :p
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    If u guys want to make a good aura, look at this movie Level Up Its a mod for jedi knight: dark forces 2 If they can do it, u guys can do it way better:p
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    crap systems

    I want to bet I got the the most crappy pc of this whole forum. where I actually play esf on. I got a p1,200 mhz, 32 mb ram, with a voodoo2 addon card :\ Bet u guys cant top that :p
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    power up movie !!

    waaaaah !!! :shocked: looks awesome !!! Way da go joe !!! /me oogles !! Dont make vids :p only makes the waiting harder :\
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    my name on my sig

    Could somebody put my name on this sig in a cool way??? Thanx in advance
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    what is USSJ ?

    I've bee wondering about this...;/
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    I think USSJ should be in... It should be quite funny, when somebody challenges u for a power struggle. Pump up your muscle and blast the crap out of that guy :p
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    Could somebody make me a sig ???

    I found 1 online but it doesnt seem to work... And I would prefer one with my name on it... Something with gohan :p This was the sig I found...
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    SSj script....

    Hey....... U guys know a place where I can download the 5.5 version of the ssj-script ??? I need it :talk:
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    Maybe u guys should try to make a 2D aura. just like in those really old games where the objects always look at u. it should give a cartoony feel :D. No need to go flaming or spamming. just a suggestion