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    Ok it started when i re-installed ESF.When i tried to go to create game it would go to the countdown screen. It never goes to the game. Could u tell me what the problem is?:(
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    My first sig

    ok this is my first sig. No i did not make it for anybody who would love to ask. It was made by Glenn.Well anyways tell me how you like it
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    What is the world is worldspawn

    ok i was just playing ESF like two min ago. Like every time i killed somebody or i got killed it would say (my ESF name) was killed by worldspawn. Everytime that happens my pl goes down. When i turn ssj my power level was 10,000,000(i waited before i transformed) during this worldspawn crap it...
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    New FFVII Sig

    tell me how you like it :laff: O_o :laff:
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    Sig and Avartar Request

    i would like a sig of something like this-FFVII pic nvm the avartar i found out i need more than 50 post to get a custom one
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    Why can't I?!?!

    ok ever since i downloaded some models of majin vegeta i couldn't play ESF...Like when it starts the countdown it will keep going until it gets on 94 or 84 and just freeze. Can somebody tell what the problem is???O_o
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    ESF prob

    heres the problem well ever since i tried to install those bots and downloaded some skins or models it wouldn't work it would freeze during the countdown whats the problem