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    Reskin of vegeta yes i like vegeta he kicks azzzz i allso reskined a goku just made his colors more bright pic will be on tommarow......... credits model turk skin mastasurf reskin me aka SlipKnot im not trying to do a hole reskin i want to beef up the...
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    RS Vegeta i made is out..........

    go to I would allso like this to be hosted on rs 2 so if they would like to contact me
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    Ninja Pack

    im working on a ninja pack its not done yet its just some pics of some of the ones i got done still need gohan and goku and the others all models but the gt vegeta witch was made by BROLLI MAN reskined by me...........all the other models are from the esf_team I Also Had TO Use SMo's Goku The...
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    A New Rs Vegeta Tell Me what u think

    i did this for fun today and i was woundering of what u peeps think about it should it be done or put it in the trash pic is on this link im very :tired: stayed up from 530 AM to 730 AM after being up all night i just couldnt get the model the way i liked it but heres and updated pic i...
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    i reskined a gohan and need help

    hey i need help i cant get my modle will not go to mdl and i dont know how to and it allso give me this no script file can some one help me pls
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    I Need A Good Modling Tool

    hey i need a good modling tool and not gmax i tryed that one and they never gave me a good code :S it says it was invalid so i fu could put a link down for a good one i would thanx u a lot :yes: