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    Does this Card suck?

    does a ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 64-MB suck ass??
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    specail beam cannon

    YEAH thats how it is. Its not that big like in ESF and its not purple like in ESF lol
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    3rd peson...

    thats sucks
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    Broke 2 Billion PL (need hlp to show you guys the pics)

    thats sweet and oh yeah THAT BUU GUY IS ME! lol Nail is my good friend
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    Dragonball related mod/games thread

    Man the UT2003 mod will be really cool because of the engine and how u can smack off walls and stuff :) it already look really sweet from those screens
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    Vegeta's hands

    just u
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    ESF Sound Pack

    I cant wait for the power up sound.. ESF team dident make it right and i have 1 question, you know when someone hits u with those little ball like ki things the i forms that large ball and if your in it u get hurt.. well i really hate the sound and how it loops if your in it. does your sound...
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    Enalbing the console

    the bots are not that good.
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    Console Death Cheating needs a fix!

    OK first off thanks for all the posted and secound i used the word GAAY so it wouldent be like this *** lol sorry
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    Console Death Cheating needs a fix!

    I care about my score and i love doing it and i wouldent really care about it to much but when there done thay just OWN me with a kahmamaha and stuff it sucks
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    Console Death Cheating needs a fix!

    Ok today some guys where just killing there selfs by typing in /kill into the console and every time u die in the game u gain power. He was higher than me in like 4 mins and i was playing for about an hour with my friend. Its pretty GAAY if u ask me thay could easyly fix this
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    Put a limit on blocking!

    Its pretty *** when u go to hit someone and u hit them but thay had block and then thay just nail u into the ground and then wait for u to do it agin so thay can keep on hiting u that way. I think if u hit someone whos blocking they should be hit back a few feet so thay cant just unblock and...
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    Dbz mods?

    How come Bid for power got closed in the first place? If thay hadent got shutdown the mod would have been great. I saw a movie a long time ago right before thay got closed and it was about the new beam and melee thay where working on and it looked REALY cool. Then thay got closed and thay...
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    Dbz mods?

    This mod is byfar the best looking dbz mod. It has about 60 guys to choose from and even has 3 diffrent transforms for like 15 of the guys. Has all diffrent attacks for each guy. ( version 1.2 just cameout) Its pertty much like this. The...
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    How many d/l hits did u guys get?

    I was wondering how many Hits u guys got for the new beta? :]
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    Its 11:30 now and no &@$&ing beta...

    ;) ;) never mind ;) ;)
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    Its 11:30 now and no &@$&ing beta...

    What the hell?!??!?! how long is this damn release party no one really gives a **** about it....! Im sorry for being dum about this but come on i went some where so i could come home and start downloading it.. ;(
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    Well i guess ill wait because the Battle field 1942 patch JUST came out ( 1.2 ) and i havent even played that yet because it never worked sooooooo im kinda geting 2 games today ;D
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    Come on........... i dont wanna wait tell after 9:00 to play that would just be ***. Im going to a yearly lan party and i wanna shot it to them and play it togather...
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    So tonight its coming out?

    At 9:00 it should be comming right?