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    Fighting throws

    One last thing..... What happened to the old maps, like island, and kami? THose were my favorite. EDIT: also, whats the deal with prepunch, I do it so much when we are both charging, and I try and use bacic melee, and somehow the bot ends up beating the crap outta me.
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    Fighting throws

    thanks, also, are there supposed to be auras when transforming? Because im getting nothing on both my comps.
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    Fighting throws

    I read the FAQ, and it says to hold down primary fire to fight a throw, but when I hold it down, even if Im like a million stronger, I still always lose. Why? also, Is trunks supposed to always use his sword, or is it only on special combos?
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    Making a new mod, asking for help.

    I would because i love helping out...but i have no skillz
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    The 1.2 patch

    so.......whens beta 1.2 coming out?O_o JK....hey great job on 1.1:laff:
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    Crushing Damage

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    Crushing Damage

    Ok i got the game and i was hoping to see crushing damage in it....but i tried it on lan and my friend didnt get pushed into the just exploded on him.....If there is crushing damage plz tell me i want to slam my friend into the ground :) there a way that i can shoot a...
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    Problem Dl ing

    lol.....i hope i finish before these servers are found and flooded!!!!
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    Problem Dl ing

    wait Jeredster....which one do i want? 1.1 patch or full 1.1? I already have full is it better to get the patch?
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    Problem Dl ing

    I get started downloading....and it goes for awhile but after a certain point it claims the download is complete...and this is when im at 5% or something.....What is wrong?
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    Real Jerks

    Ya!!!!!!!!! Drive em into the ground
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    Block Struggles

    Ummmmm.... MartL plz dond post that **** on these forums most people arent pervs like stop posting **** like that and fast......Plus it was off topic
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    Block Struggles

    I looked at the new beta 1.1 outline and i didnt see advanced block Struggling/Crushing damage in there. i was hoping to pound a beam into my friend while he was on the ground and have him be pushed back instead of blown up
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    Beta 1.1 Tutorial

    Trunks's sword is melee but it has an advantage too...i think the team said that if the person u are hitting has 20 damage or less it is an instant i correct on this assumption?
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    I think it is easier...cuz gohan became ssj really did goten(from having his mom yell at him?)
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    Ya but for the goten and trunks part.....they have to be fused to go ssj3....cuz i found out somewhere that half-sayans cant go ssj3 or 4
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    Nice screenshots on the ESF site....

    Im pretty sure it is seperate....i watched the video a couple times...and i can clearly say that you can shoot then seperatley.
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    Just wondering

    OMG.....gohan doesnt go mystic by the hands of guru..or when he is a kid....he turns mystic when the old supreme ki does a crazy dance and gohan tries to go ssj but it turns him mystic....a super powerful form!
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    any chance of the melee to:

    awwwww.....i thought there was something new and hidden in the mod that i just found out about.....but ittl probably be in the 1.2 melee release. right?
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    all i can say is....nice...cant wait for 1.1