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  1. Jango*Fett


    EQII is going to rule all.
  2. Jango*Fett


    someone needs to get a passworded tourney going. like 8 ppl 2 at a time. it would be cool. i would do it but i can only support 4 ppl and not have it laggy for other players.
  3. Jango*Fett

    Beta 1

    Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 hours and 30min until it is released!!! ;D this is going to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!! /me begins to sing
  4. Jango*Fett

    Americas army

    Has anyone here played americas army? if so is it good or even worth downloading?
  5. Jango*Fett

    fighting effects

    in beta will there be fighting effects such as: 1) blood 2) slowing dow 3) character gets knocked to the ground for a few seconds, like when someone gets thrown against a wall or something. ----- 3a) will there be grappling? ----- all i can think of now, plz respond, i need to eat.
  6. Jango*Fett

    people dropping in a ps

    i was just wondering if people dropping to the ground (from the air, basically stop flying so they wont die) during a power struggle will be stopped. that is kinda lame, inless they make the beam origin move with them so they die anyway. PS> i dont know if this has been mentioned before, but...
  7. Jango*Fett


    so no one here likees Incubus? o well, i think they are very good. --there will be an up in coming bad that plays music like metallica. i guess in like 2 years i think they are going to let a lot of people listen to them.-their name is -NECROPSY- . i dont even like metallican stuff and i...
  8. Jango*Fett

    esf beta coming out

    this is taking for ever! the last time i posted was 2 months before summer started! and still no beta omg! i know it is going to be tight and all but dont you think ppl may begin to lose intrest?
  9. Jango*Fett

    tourneyment mode

    like the cell games. no touching ground ect.<(out of ring). wont the beta bring the abilty to do such things because of vastley improved gameplay. i just think it would be fun.2 people fight while others watch. one person dies winner gets senzu bean fight starts again. loser gets kicked. winner...
  10. Jango*Fett

    have you guys stopped playing alpha?

    whenever i play i run into just a bunch of noobs that claim i am cheating just because i am 20 and 1, and everyone else is like negitive lol. i didn't think san goku was a noob, mabey it wasnt the one from the forum, but it was me and 3 noobs (i hope they were noobs). anyway i was just wondering...
  11. Jango*Fett


    can u use kaioken in beta... that would help a lot facing off a big bang or death ball
  12. Jango*Fett

    diff character models

    i dont know if this is being done, but it would be really cool if there were a certain amount of each character chat could be played in the game. like there would be goku in blue uniform, his normal, his shirt off excetera. and you could pick wich one you wanted leaving the last person to choose...
  13. Jango*Fett

    multiple power struggles

    what does that mean like 2 people on one side and 2 on the other or something. cause if i does you can already do that. just wondering:)
  14. Jango*Fett

    save the planet mode

    were any of you following bid for power before it converted. well they were making a mode called save the planet or something like that. it was going to be alot like the freeza and vegeta/nappa battles with defenders that are weaker but they outnumber them. seems like a good idea to me. like in...
  15. Jango*Fett

    odd view need help

    ok guys, it doesnt matter what character i choose. my character model is facing to the right and my aimer is over to the right. it makes it so i cant play because i cant see what my character is looking at (all attacks go to the side to) i cant fix it by myself i need some help please!
  16. Jango*Fett

    dbz massive multi player

    i think dbz would make a really great massive multi player game. where one kills people gains power level gets to train. owns stuff. interacts with other people. just the whole invironment of dbz, so you get the whole feel of the show. i saw this star wars game coming out on lucas arts...
  17. Jango*Fett

    Big Bang

    i have been testing some stuff on some esf servers nad it turs out the big bang is the cheapiest attack that and krillins destructo dist. -big bang- 1. a small version of it can fight off a full kamehameha 2. you can run after fireing 3. you can shoot another if it just slows the other blast...
  18. Jango*Fett


    i hope dmz dies. personally i hate it, but i am sorry that is just my opinon. it messed up my comp once and now i hope it goes under. anyway how did they ever expect to beat esf, dmz is dwarfed by it! esf rocks! you go esf team you guys rule!!:yes: