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  1. Twilight

    Bojack Unbound

    one of my favorite dbz movies only thing that i wish they woulda done with it was have some really good coriograhped (spelling?) music with it, like in the Bardock special. didnt notice the lack of strong popular music of today until prob 5th time watchin it lol
  2. Twilight

    Tien for 1.3?

    I think he should get his... Dodon Ray (or whatever the english version is) which is a basic charge up attack KHH Enhanced Solar Flare That powerful block he used in db that he can do Tribeam which you can zoom in and just pop somebody with (recharge maybe, or an "overheat" feature that...
  3. Twilight

    Health vs Power

    I personally think that something needs to be done to balance the health vs power issue. 1.3 is coming out with new ssj and power up levels, but... already as just normal ssj, if u charge your attack up all the way and are within a quarter size of the map of the explosion, you kill...
  4. Twilight

    Which DBZ Villain would you wanna be?

    Probably Majin Vageta because he actually comes back after he has the coolest death sequence in the series. Woulda MAYBE chosen brolly except that Brolly eventually turns into a pile of goo and dies
  5. Twilight

    Vegeta's ring attack.

    its basically like smaller cosmic halo's that you dont really control Vegeta taught trunks the move, hence why gotenks thought up cosmic halo Vegeta created the technique, hence vegetto using the lance
  6. Twilight

    Sword pick up.

    how bout instead of this if you sword someone with way too high PL, it breaks and you gotta die to use it again
  7. Twilight

    Vegeta's ape attack (sorta)

    well trunks burning attack didnt blind anyone, lol tho its a good effect in the game, just pointing out that they dont completely follow the show
  8. Twilight


    What if its set so that if u go to melee someone in the back 90degrees you auto-submission them then you drain Ki at 1 1/2x - 2x the rate he does and he drains Ki too. If he loses all his Ki, he dies, if you lose all yours, he gets free.
  9. Twilight

    Fight for the planet

    It would be cool to have a game mode where.... The counts of map wins carries over to other maps until all maps in the game mode list are played To win a stage, your team must do one of the following: 1)Collect the Dragonballs to 1 of 3 locations on the map which they cannot be removed...
  10. Twilight

    GOOD Anime

    Samurai X Directors Cut is my favorite anime movie I dont really like outlaw star tho
  11. Twilight

    Meeleed toward water=>Water Splashing+example inside!

    maybe have it so that if you are thrown or whatever to the ground, you take impact dmg, but if you go over water at the right angle you skip across it and have a chance to recover only problem is that there are no huge levels in which you could go over much water
  12. Twilight

    Gohans Shield

    Well I noticed that in the first beta, when you held the shield down for all your power and shot it, it was HUGE, now its just like this tiny lil explosion
  13. Twilight

    Shield or Barrier

    In Japan, it was a TV special, meaning they said, ok, we got 5 episodes of dbz this week of the new trunks saga, check out the tv special the history of trunks on Saturday Both tv specials, bardock and history of trunks fit seamlessly with the series and were released at the same time as...
  14. Twilight

    Shield or Barrier

    He says "Energy Shield" and a solid bubble forms around him And its the Future Trunks special, not movie, it counts as part of the series.
  15. Twilight

    Why does Gohan have ki Shield?

    Well, its like the moves arnt really the same. It may be that he just works on them as he goes and dosnt really spend time developing them. In the future trunks special, he actually has the named move and its well formed, "Energy Shield". Looks like an actual solid bubble around him and has...
  16. Twilight

    Who do you hate the most?

    I still think its Goku In the entire series, Gohan and Vegeta could be doing some seriously cool solo stuff, but you can tell they get gimped SIMPLY so that Goku can do something. In a bunch of the movies, whammo, in comes goku and pulls some wierd BS to save the day. And in the buu...
  17. Twilight

    Who do you hate the most?

    I hate Goku.... He has to be the most retarded person in the series He knows how to use the spirit bomb for like 10 years and NEVER teaches it to anyone else like say...Gohan? Same with instant transmission You would think it would click in his head that, hey...this is good thing to...
  18. Twilight

    Spirit Bomb feature

    Right now its not determined by anything, its just a set dmg that you charge it up with free energy, it dosnt drain from goku
  19. Twilight

    In need of a sig

    its a he, not a she, lolol
  20. Twilight

    Generic Force Field

    my idea isnt really that unfair, short duration short charge-up time one that you can use in combination