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  1. Zorb

    just a guy i drew, dunno what to call him

    hhmmmm... lol ya it kinda looks like girl tits now u mention it :laff:
  2. Zorb

    just a guy i drew, dunno what to call him

    uumm... im just gonna post him :p not really much to say than: critz plz
  3. Zorb

    Mp3 Player Prob even when activated

    I've tried that before, but i think he meens that the mp3player menu doesnt appear. Well thats the problem i get, tried to copy: cl_mp3player "1" into the configure command thingy, menu dun appear either. Am i the only one with this problem??? O_o
  4. Zorb

    I drew a Dragon, critz plz

    lol thougt it was funny with that 'z' thingy but oh wel ill remember till next time :]
  5. Zorb

    I drew a Dragon, critz plz

    More muscular? or... fat? lol a fat dragon :laff:
  6. Zorb

    I drew a Dragon, critz plz

    hehe thnx :D thoug i screwed the arms up a little :p
  7. Zorb

    I drew a Dragon, critz plz

    :laff: critz plz!
  8. Zorb

    Spy/Adware Help

    hehe make that two! :laff: im am in dept to ya guys i'v been having the same probs and now finally the evil circle has been broken! *bows in deep respect* ....oh and by the way, MOZILLA PWNZ!
  9. Zorb


    in a way i agree with ya kurt.. but on the other hand. The boy is prolly suffering from a phsychic desiase, but that boy should know that u dont do that kind of thing to ur parents espicially not ur dad! O_o doing such a thing is just wrong! otherwise... fill him with bullets!
  10. Zorb

    my new vegeta reskinning!!!!

    this doesnt seem cool... it is cool!! :D it looks like Daburah spitted a little too much and hitted Vegeta lol or he could be frozen well it looks cool :D
  11. Zorb

    2 new sketches

    lol i like 'em! especially Buu :laff: i like the way u gave him that psycho look that u do on Makin ItiskuT so he looks even more psyhco! and then theres babidi u should give him an evil grin, but i guess thats just me that likes the evil guys to look evil... if u know what i meen as i...
  12. Zorb


    psycological evaluation u say? i call it sick humor :laff: but ur right about that with the pics.... with the soil thingy and stuff never thought about it that way... well if u want me to chill a little and stop being... me, then just pm me lol *checks on the CP panel and sees 532 pm's O_o* over...
  13. Zorb

    Mw_LionsGateBridge FINAL!

    yoo Taz00 great job! i cant w8 to play that map. two questions: 1: if u can drive in the cars, would it then be possible to run down other players? 2: if the bridge is destroyable, like in the middle or something, would cars driving close to it fall down the gap into the river and explode...
  14. Zorb


    aawww well it looked like a pixie... dunce hat? like u meen when a kid had been bad in school so he/she gets a hat with the word 'jackass' or 'im a jerk' and gets too sit staring in the wall in the corner of the class? example: Teacher: little timmy stop cutting of susies hair! Timmy: i...
  15. Zorb


    GAAHHHH!!... i dont know if its just me being... well me, but i see a gnome or a pixie or what u guys call theese little guys that comes around at x-mas, so maybe its that what u'v added. I dont think its the lightning u have added since i have seen many pics of nuclear bombs and their were (on...
  16. Zorb

    Wall Jumps

  17. Zorb

    Im back!!

    aaaaahh sweeeeeeeeeet.... i like it not much to say about it rather than sweeet!
  18. Zorb

    What kind of music do listen to when u play ESF?

    i listen to dbz theme songs... have a techno remix named Perfect Cell theme dam sweet and then... the Happy Tree Friends Theme... u prolly think Happy Tree Friends Theme is wierd to have on ya play list but it gives ya a psycho-hunting-down-his-helpless-victim feeling! MWUAHAHAHAHHAH...
  19. Zorb

    First Photo Shop Sig

    if u r looking for fonts check this site out: a good site with lots of fonts... and with Linkin Park fonts!! YES YES YES!!!! :P well and for the sig kewl thoug i dont know much about sig making .
  20. Zorb

    Sasuke or Naruto?

    well... i'v never heard of the 2 animes Naruto and Sasuke... but i'v seen some pictures of Naruto, and they were pretty dam sweeet!! so i voted for Naruto.