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  1. scout

    New Vegeta .. WIP

    lookin good so far my man
  2. scout

    BS/PS Beam /No Explosion Bug

    i have the same problem except sometimes when it happens to me it seems that it comes to a stalemate and no one wins i let it set there for a good while and nothing happened. But another way to get out that i use is bringing down the console and typing "kill"
  3. scout

    Want some bots ?

    is this for 1.1????
  4. scout

    i need the 1.1 vegeta

    stop spamming people or a mod is gonna slaughter you and eat your children on topic* do you still need that vegeta?
  5. scout

    i need the 1.1 vegeta

    stop spamming people or a mod is gonna slaughter you and eat your children on topic* do you still need that vegeta?
  6. scout

    New Vegeta Transforming

    good but a lil to loud p.s. dont double of triple post there is an edit button
  7. scout

    how can i play whit friends

    you can also get them or you can start a game and them give them (you get) the ip address and it will bring up their (your) server.
  8. scout


    some scouter tips: Little dots represent people with a lower pl and big dots are ones w/ high pl's. You are the dot in the middle, green dots are good guys, red are bad. Orange are dragon balls. If you look directly at a person you can tell their class and their pl. uummmm I'm sure everyone...
  9. scout

    noob help

    back on topic you just have to decide what kinda of fighter you are. Are you a beamer? (grr dont like those) are you a melee person? do you take offense or defense? do you like speed or strength better? I personally like vegeta the best because i think he is the most well rounded character...
  10. scout


    Well the generic beam just takes skill you usually knock them down and while they are stunned you blast for the levels think of it this way we are both 2 million you ascend and i decide not to when you hit me i gain 1,000 power level and when i hit you, you gain like 100 cuz you are...
  11. scout

    Funky Pointy Thingy!!!

    awesome shijing i want it too....amazing the things that are done on accident
  12. scout

    Help my game keeps shuting off when i play 2 mins

    i had the same problem and ill tell you how to fix it....d/l the latest drivers for your video card (this will also prolly fix some map problems) and then config your video to direct3d and it should work
  13. scout

    goku spirit bomb prob!

    you might have to d/l the latest drivers for your video card then config your video to direct3d
  14. scout

    Yamcha release

    i love him i will d/l.....but his chest looks odd? like the line is to long
  15. scout

    [Input needed] SSJ Cow

    i love it amazing and also could you send me the penis vegeta model to my email??!?!? please that would be so funny. send to [email protected]
  16. scout

    beam jumps *look*

    But what is the point of the beam jump? why would you use it? can you change direction in a beam jump? does it move faster than flying? Why am i asking so many questions?
  17. scout

    Link Model!!

    stay on topic soccer why do you have to be so negative? On topic: what about his second transformation?
  18. scout

    So am I the only one from alabama?

    I realize that there is a great diversity in the nationality of members....BUT CRAP AM I THE ONLY ONE FROM ALABAMA!!!!:cry: I mean...I like to meet people on forums who I can become buddies w/ and learn techniques and such form. maybe not from my state but it would be a way of knowing the...
  19. scout

    Link Model!!

    maybe for some of the attacks you could have the fire,ice,light, etc. from the bow. and what about gauntlets...just thinking if it's to hard to animate a shield block you could use the gaunlets. The temple of time transformation aura is a great idea. I love it. Question though, will he have the...
  20. scout

    Link Model!!

    umm....i wouldnt know how....yes i am ashamed....WHY WON'T SOMEONE TEACH ME TO MODEL!!!