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    Yeah i will never forget that trailer vid of vegeta grabbing somebody's face ingame and dragging it through the ground at hi speed. At this rate this will be a awesome intro to DBZ for my kid not complaining. Like many I was in high school back then. I am at the point of where i would pay for...
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    Server list.

    Wait.. there are still esf servers oline? i though this was gone?
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    Hey guys

    OH thats where the misunderstanding came in it was final that i saw the melee , because the unstable version of 1.3 still follows 1.2.3s melee system. Final really looks incredible, from the graphics , blasts explosions to the melee combat system looks much improved and a little more fast paced...
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    Hey guys

    Ive asked this about a few times over the years never with a real positive answer , are there ay server up and runing for esf ? or is everybody waiting for 1.3. ( Which by the way the video of that game gets better evertime i see it, i was reviewing the melee system and as it stands in the...
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    Back again

    Hey guys , this i my 3rd time back in a few years not to the forum but installing 1.2.3 .... i rmember wayyyyy back when when i saw the 1.3 mod i was like omg this will be the greatest game ever. I see you guys are still on it though. I can imagine it must be hard to run a project like this on...