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  1. StriKe!

    Chibi Goku pack

    Hey all, the last past weeks, i've been working on a chibi goku model. I edited the Goten model God Gundam made. But i couldnt skin, so the project was off, till Mr. Bugskin made 1, i used his so credits go to him for skin. I also cant model good yet (ssj3 hair) so i usd logans ssj3 hair...
  2. StriKe!

    King Vegeta (edited with paint tho:()

    Well, it should look like King vegeta:) i edited most with paint cause im not an artist and my adobe ran out of time hehe... hope you "like" it.. (dont be to hard on me) oow yes and official model by ESF team and some animations by...
  3. StriKe!

    Ssj3 Vegeta

    Vegeta ssj3 model, also soon ssj2:) (model edit from Kreshi's ssj4) edit: here is the main site: hope u like..
  4. StriKe!

    Host plz?

    Could some1 get me a host for my models? i made an ssj2 majin + 3 vegeta. pm me is you can get me a host, ty
  5. StriKe!

    Vegeta ssj3?:)

    This model belongs to Kreshi, the skin too!!! i just made some minor changes (if you see the skinpacks, you can see wot i reskinned lol). I know the hair isn't correct, but ssj3 Veggie doesn't excist but, i thought it looked funny:). I dont have a site so i cant really post it:D But, like...