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  1. Kurt`

    16:07:31 <@Bolteh> where's my bday thread? :'(

    Here it is lol Happy b-day
  2. Kurt`

    CS:S Weapons Market o.O

    What it is: What it currently looks like: Cool concept, should totally be opt-in though. /me gets ready to setup a custom server to control economy by spamming weapon buys via scripts/AMX plugins
  3. Kurt`

    Talk Like A Pirate Day - Arrrrrrrrrrr~

    (it's the 19th in certain parts of the world, so thread = created) ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr! So what are you doing that's piratey today? Me, I updated the "MinionSig" to be a bit more piratey (you'll see people using it around the forums)...
  4. Kurt`

    With all the bad next-gen news:

    At least one company is on target \o/
  5. Kurt`

    Croc hunter croaked o_o
  6. Kurt`

    Another Starcraft topic o/ O_O /me dies of permanent erection
  7. Kurt`

    No HD playback in 32-bit Vista Hilarious. Reasons to upgrade = going into negative numbers
  8. Kurt`

    Which ESF member...

    would you choose to have with you if deserted on a desert island? I'd take DPredator, so he could show me what trees to smoke to pass the time. o/
  9. Kurt`

    Run Linux on your WRT54G (v5!) Finally, now this router isn't a retarded ass paperweight. Thanks alot Linksys, you ****ing suck. Oh, oh, oh! /me puts on O-face Here's a shot...
  10. Kurt`

    I shook God's hand today...

    ... and it was hairy. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I shook the hand of MADDOX. I caught him today (July 26th) in Boston on his book signing tour. Pictures can be found here probably tomorrow. There are already pictures up from the previous book signing locations. After getting...
  11. Kurt`

    I am now manlier than all of you... Discuss.
  12. Kurt`

    Today am Ness' birthday?

    o_O Happy b-day o/
  13. Kurt`

    top 5 films

    Your top 5 films, not necessarily in order... Mine: Apocalypse Now (original, not "redux") Pulp Fiction Office Space Natural Born Killers The Boondock Saints
  14. Kurt`

    top 5 tunes

    Since there's an abundance of retarded threads in OT lately, I figured I'd make a new one. Post your top 5 tunes, not necessarily in order of preference: Mine: -- Led Zeppelin - Over The Hills and Far Away Judas Priest - The Sentinel Metallica - Trapped Under Ice Alice in Chains -...
  15. Kurt`

    You think Vista's interface looks cool?

    It has nothing on XGL. (you may want to get a fresh box of tissues before launching this) (57.9 megs) That's completely rendered by your graphics card (even a 4-5 year old card can run it), so 0% CPU load. Requires less CPU to render...
  16. Kurt`

    nVidia/ATI/DRM snafu Will these morons ever be able to get DRM technology working? hahaha I don't think people want to have to buy a brand new video card just to play high-quality movie content on the new OS they just bought... (I realize this article doesn't...
  17. Kurt`

    lol wtf (rofl @ new dell case too)
  18. Kurt`

    MULTI THEFT AUTO? !_! Came out a few days ago as you are no doubt aware.......... How many of you actually have san andreas (or are willing to acquire it) and would be willing to do a race marathon or setup a tournament? I have enough pipe to host vent/teamspeak or whatever + a dedicated box to...
  19. Kurt`

    1.6 or CS: Sauce

    CS 1.6 ftw
  20. Kurt`

    If you could plan your death...

    How would you die? (e.g. 'At home, surrounded by my family, a happy man/woman.' or whatever) ---- 1. Running from the cops with my wife after a huge heist, if we don't escape them and we're about to be arrested, puts our heads together and use a single bullet to blow us both away. (I...