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  1. KnightmareZero

    One Piece Manga

    Haha, seeing this post from August 2009, when you started watching OP and the fact, that you now even have an OP avatar + signature is kinda funny. btw. the latest chapters were sick....And an epic fail to rescue Ace >_______<" and i want to say 1 thing: "**** YOU TEACH!"
  2. KnightmareZero

    One Piece Manga

    Why should dragon come to save ace? they aren't related, since Ace is still Gold Rogers son.
  3. KnightmareZero

    Mystery Character

    They already sais somewhen that they won't do the characters of the movies and GT. Bojack is from a movie oO
  4. KnightmareZero

    Brüno kommt... NEIN! Brüno ist hier.

    i htought there was something wrong... Brüno comes from austria not from germany xD
  5. KnightmareZero

    Brüno kommt... NEIN! Brüno ist hier.

    y, most of them suck like google translator or yahoo translator, they put the words in the sentences in wrong order the title means: "Brüno Comes....No! Is Brüno Here" i think you wanted: "Brüno Comes...No! Brüno Is Here" Which would be: "Brüno Kommt...Nein! Brüno Ist Hier"
  6. KnightmareZero

    Brüno kommt... NEIN! Brüno ist hier.

    why is the name of this thread german? xDD also i think you made a mistake in the name :P but well, i'm definitly going to watch it, even though i haven't seen borat yet >_< @Kaination you forgot ali G. and the guy who thought of them and is acting as them is Sacha Baron Cohen
  7. KnightmareZero

    The big sprite/sound/etc request thread!!!

    ok, i don't understand what you're talking about, but it totally does NOT belong into this Thread oO
  8. KnightmareZero

    ecx? bigpack?

    even though he "just" postet google, the first answer from google already shows how to. that means that you didn't use google but more likely bother other people with your self-explanatory questions and then go around shmalessly insulting people who were helping you. NOw think about who is the...
  9. KnightmareZero

    Code Geass – Hangyaku no Lelouch (R2)

    Even if it's parted into two series it's still one story, R2 is just a second season, i think it means "Rebellion 2" because of lelouch losing his memory and starting a new one.
  10. KnightmareZero

    Conquest System

    And the Conquest button between forum rules and competitions mysteriously vanished O_O
  11. KnightmareZero

    Code Geass – Hangyaku no Lelouch (R2)

    well, at first i thought he (lelouch) got corrupted by all his might, but in the end all he did was for world's peace. i thought the anime was somewhat emotional if you compare it with most of the other animes.
  12. KnightmareZero


    Has anyone (else than me) have this game? Well, i've been playing it for a time now (i'm still in the second city) and i chose the evil path. it reminds me a bit of spiderman: Web of Shadows, just much harder. The enemies are like snipers with machineguns, most shots hit you, even though...
  13. KnightmareZero

    Battlefield Heroes Released

    how could i forget about that xD well, thanks for reminding me
  14. KnightmareZero

    Code Geass – Hangyaku no Lelouch (R2)

    I didn't see a topic for this yet, so i thought of starting a thread for (one of) my favorite animes ever. I loved the entire plot and how you could see people changing over the time and getting crazy. Lelouch surprised me everytime again with his tactics and his acting inside of the...
  15. KnightmareZero

    [Manga/Anime] Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Off Topic: dude, sounds like the only Final Fantasy you played is crisis core oO also this has nothing to do with this thread. @Topic: Hell, I loved Avatar, even though it was sometimes childish it was funny, and the fights were made nicely. But i wasn't disappointed because it was...
  16. KnightmareZero

    Rate The Signature Above You | Part V

    nice signature i wish i could draw something like that