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    ESF isn't noob friendly.

    I never understood the complaining about howing. Isn't it better if it relies on your timing skills rather than your ping?
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    whats the worst thing about esf?

    The community.
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    The MEGA THREAD of gaming manners

    I never attack a player that has been knocked by melee, despite the fact they would do so to me. Not sure why. Maybe just the "golden rule".
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    Generic Balls

    What's the drawback(s)? First I though struggling, but that would be remedied by throwing the ball into the beam, and then charging a new ball, and flinging that one, or simply charging a beam after that.
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    That's.... odd.... Wait, maybe it was like when someone shoots a generic beam, and it gets swatted away by a blocking player, but freezes in the air? Does this happen often to you? Does it happen with any specific attacks?
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    Skipping KI Attacks!!!!!!

    It's like shooting a rocket into water in normal half-life DeathMatch(HLDM for short), the water has more friction than air, and so the rocket is slowed down... and is angled away a bit. One side of the rocket hits the water first and is slowed down before the other side of the rocket is in...
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    Special Beam Cannon = Railgun?

    He never said that it should be faster or instant... just that it shouldn't explode. Looking at the first post, I think you got the idea that he wanted it to be instant hit from the Railgun reference, when he really just meant that it should go through people rather than explode. Unless, of...
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    How much melee do you use?

    70-80% but only because "everyone else does it". I find beam fights much more entertaining(struggling mainly) and fun.
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    ESF_River and the Dragon Balls

    Which, as we all know, is completely impossible unless you're playing SinglePlayer, and there is no SP in ESF. No, a LAN game with max 1 player does not count.
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    Smoke from blasts

    Now for the obvious: Only if you can turn it off. It would look nice, yes, but I'm not sure there is an fps-economic way to do that kind of stuff...
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    Half-Life ping booster

    There is a "WinHL-Booster" though, Ultraq. And the only servers I've seen running it also had adminmod. Search for "WinHL-Booster" on Google,then?
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    a new powerstruggle

    Please use punctuation? Your post is really hard to read... I don't really understand the first part, should beams not explode when they hit the ground? The second part about 2 beams becoming one when someone is losing sounds like it might be problem filled, for example: when would it do...
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    No, smaller dots on radar= weaker persons, and the opposite of course. I don't think their dot should grow, as that would be hard to detect, but some form of marker is a nice idea(like a blue circle around their dot?).
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    in the show why did the moon get blown up 2 times

    Eh, according to the books... When Goku was done training with God(old piccolo) and came to the tournament, his friends asked where his tail was. He said that God had wanted to make a new moon, and that his tail would cause troubles, so he removed it(the tail), and made a new moon. Also, Goku...
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    some beams have a problem

    Easily fixed anyway, just turn on flying and go up a tiny bit before you let go of your attack button.
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    ESF Advertising

    Yeh. Newcomers might well be "scared off" by the players rather than the game... I wish I had played in the "old days"... then again, before I got good at it, I whined a lot about melee. Now, I'm instead a "HOW" or something... blah.
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    Panic blast

    If it's only the strength of a generic beam you might as well use the generic beam, since it takes less ki... So the idea of it being as strong as a masenko sounds better. Ok, it's quite easy to kill many people with one generic beam... start a match, a brand new match. Make sure noone gets...
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    The other mods are simpler, less stuff to get lost on the way. Hibiki, true, distance doesn't directly affect this, but the farther away the server, the more likely a packet will encounter a problem, right?
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    Yes, I know what it is, but what's your point? "Remove it"? See, the only way to avoid it is to get on a better(and closer) server, you CAN'T remove it.
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    There are no rounds in ESF, so when would auto-balance occur? Every 5 mins or something? And if this is put in, people would be pissed because they lost all their PL and stuff, so unless that too is changed, it really isn't a good idea.