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  1. supermax2003

    Whats with 1.3?

    I wasnt here for a long time! The last Version i have seen was Version 1.1! Whats different in 1.21? NEw Transformations? Thats the most important thing for me :D What Transformations will come in 1.3? SSJ2 and 3? Or is 2 in 1.21 already! And will 1.3come out this year or next?
  2. supermax2003

    Wall Jumps

    ESF is going to be better and better thats so nice! Smooth flying and wall jumps thats so nice! I hope thay will finish the game till the last thing they can do(SSJ2, SSJ3....) When do you guys think will the finish game come? I mean no more Beta Version the full! End 2004 or end 2005?
  3. supermax2003

    Aura colors for 1.2

    Whats the problem? You want that Goku has a red Aura when he isnt using Kaioken? Why dont you make the aura pink then or something? White is good and when he is SSJ it is gold! Thats it!
  4. supermax2003

    Need pics and mabye clips of ESF

    Sorry for the question but whats the URL of the Homepage from EVM? Because yesterday was christmas and i want to know whats going on now! THX
  5. supermax2003

    christmas present?

    Its a good feeling when you transform and it looks great! And when your SSJ you can go to your normal state and transform again! thats nice :)
  6. supermax2003

    christmas present?

    The Transformations to SSJ2 and..... looks auwsome so its really cool! and the only thing they can give us is maybe better sounds..... thats good but not that good! I like the trans more :)
  7. supermax2003

    christmas present?

    EEA will come out on christmas or a little bit earlier or later! They only need to skin a little bit (90% :D:D) and thats it! Theys say they will release it pretty soon! there you can transform to SSJ1(thats ESF) than with that mod USSJ, SSJ2 and SSJ3, Frieza Form 3 and 4 and Perfect Cell and...
  8. supermax2003

    christmas present?

    Thats right but for us is EEA enough or? I mean SSJ2, USSJ SSJ3....all in EEA and it looks auwsome! I hope they release it in the next days!
  9. supermax2003

    christmas present?

    I dont think they will give us something on christmas because EEA will come then! And thats more than enough isnt it? :D
  10. supermax2003

    Esf 1.2

    I hope they will inform us in the next 1-3days that EEA will come out on christmas! Now there site is 2hours down, maybe they upload EEA? :D:D
  11. supermax2003

    Is EVM dead

    Can we use the Kaioken on christmas? That would be very very great because these FX Effects look so great! I interrested how the Transformation to Kaioken or better SJJ2 look like! Will there be any Video where we can see a Kaioken use or SSJ2? Or isnt it finish yet?
  12. supermax2003

    SSJ2 ???

    When will 1.2 come out? Will it come out on Christmas or much later? And 1.3? I only want to know what you think! Will 1.3 come in 1Year or 1-3Months or....what do you think?
  13. supermax2003

    SSJ2 ???

    How was it? And when can we transform to SSJ2? Maybe in Beta 1.3? and when will Beta 1.3released? Dezember, January..... Will we see some screens or Videos where someone is transforming to SSJ2?
  14. supermax2003

    When can we transform to SSJ2?

    Sorry guys this is not a releasquestion! I only want to know, in what Beta we can transform to SSJ2! Because only SSJ1 is really cool, but SSJ2.....that must be incredible! So you guys dont need to say a releasedate, only in which Beta we can transform to SSJ2 or 3! Is really Beta 1.2, 1.3...
  15. supermax2003

    Transform at the beginning?

    Hi all!!! I want to know, how i can transform when i start EFS! I mean first i must kill Bots some times and then i have enough power to transform but thats too long i want to transform at the beginning is that possible please? Hope ya guys can help me
  16. supermax2003

    you guys should really do something with dead and alive

    When i install it, and put the dll ind the DLLs folder,and opened the Editor File and edit the hl.dll into the ESF-Bot.dll i go into the game, start a new Multi game want to open the console but the console wont open! What can i do? I must have the console. Yesterday it works fine. But when i...
  17. supermax2003

    bot problem

    Where can i find the ESF bot.dll? And how can i play in the Internet? I only find one ESF Server who is empty!!!! There are Half Life, Counterstrike.... servers but no ESF Server!! What can i do?
  18. supermax2003


    No it is Space!!! Or when i said **** there is 10GB free diskspace!!! So why cant i install? Do i need to download it again? How good is DragonMod Z?
  19. supermax2003


    Hallo there im new here!!!! When i want to install ESF, it says: Not enough memory to install!!!!! Want can i do? There is 10GB free:rolleyes: