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  1. Hsu

    He returns?

    So I decided to crawl out from under the rock called wow and come back to the forums. For those of you that do not know me, I was stolen away from these forums about two and a half years ago around the time that wow came out... It is almost like the two things have something in common. Anyways...
  2. Hsu

    The burning crusade.

    So a friend gave access to his beta account and I had to go around taking pictures. I am playing a Draenei warrior and I have to say blizzard has done a good job with the lvling areas and the quests. Some of they quests are very fun and I cant wait to see what they do for outlands.
  3. Hsu

    Warcraft Fan Fic

    This is more of a guide for a comic I am making so it will be missing alot of desctiptions about people/places and actions as most of this will be going along with pictures. The Dreams A warcraft story Chapter One: The Dream As I open my eyes I have trouble focusing on just what...
  4. Hsu

    BattleField 2142 HURRAY! I love bf2 and I love futuristic games and mechs. I can not wait to get my hands on this game.
  5. Hsu

    Wow Comics

    Here is some coimcs I have made during some of my spare time. These are not just screenshots with text on them, they took a lot of work with timing and positioning to make everything look right. Then there is the time it took to cut everything out. :warning: WARNING some of these comics...
  6. Hsu

    World of Warcraft: burning crusade ... cough. I like some of it... I hate a lot of it.
  7. Hsu

    Banner for wow guild

    This is the REALLY early version of the banner I am working on for my world of warcraft guild. Nothing is final. The text right now is crap, but I like the font and effect. Tell me what you think and what I can do to change it around. I will update it as I get done.
  8. Hsu

    New World of Warcraft Picture Thread.

    I am making a new one since the old one died because all the people that were suppose to post in it are playing to much WoW.... This is what happens when everone gets silly and tries to run out of lower blackrock spire! That is 23 very angery mobs after us! Me standing beside the...
  9. Hsu

    Starwars Episode 3 trailer out It actually might be a good movie unlike the other two. If you can connect to the starwars site (it is being hammered) check it out for yourself and post comments on what you think about it. Edit: another link
  10. Hsu

    Robot art

    Started doing this in flash. Thinking about finishing it and colouring it. Tell me what you think about it.
  11. Hsu

    New sig

    I found this wierd picture so I started playing with it. This is what I came up with after about 10 minutes. ALL C&C ARE WELCOME. Also should I get rid of the other two and only use this one?
  12. Hsu

    Match #2; Ryoko vs Valinga

    Second Match between Ryoko and Valinga... (Ryoko forced me to do it) Friendly reminder of them rules: 1. The sig size does not matter, but it must be under the forum's rules max (600 x 200) 2. This isnt limited to Photoshop. You can use other programs. However, when posting the sig...
  13. Hsu

    New sig by Hsu

    Been over a year since I made myself a new sig. So here it is, it is Tifa from ff7: advent children. It is very simple but I like it. Anyways I want your oppinions on it and if I should use it or stay with the old one. C&C ARE WELCOME.
  14. Hsu

    Gaming goodness.

    This is a full 3d fps, it is only one level and it is only 96kb! The graphics are like something you would see in doom 3. Download it and try it out.
  15. Hsu

    Great Flash Game

    Alright I have developed a krippling addiction to this flash game. You make up your own songs and you can also post what you have come up with. This is one of mine that I have done...
  16. Hsu


    Bleh I thought I would make something since it has been a LONG time since I have posted some of my art in the art forum. Here it is. So tell me what you think. I did it in about an hour at school when I should be working on stuff that is...
  17. Hsu

    Super Mario 3 awsomeness

    This is just crazy. Some people have way to much time on there hands.
  18. Hsu

    Sbolts picture colour thread

    Well anyways here is what I came up with after colouring s-bolts picture. Its about 2 hours of full work. I know there is stuff I can do to make it better but I am done with it for now. I encourge other people to colour this and post there results here. Here is the original picture.
  19. Hsu

    Half-life 2 or Doom3? Serious descussion

    Ok guys, I have been reading a lot about both of these games lately and I want to know your oppinion about both games. From what I have seen of doom 3 it looks just like doom 1-2 but with a really nice lighting system. Also I have not heard a thing about its physics system or story... I actually...
  20. Hsu


    IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The team has said many times that esf will live on and die on the hl1 engine. I hope this will clear up some people as I am getting sick off all the HL2 threads.