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    Prize Drawing

    I guess I don't -deserve- it, I'm sort of a lurker. The reason I want it is because.. well I think I can get lucky and have a chance at either prize, my computer could also use a better card..
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    coloring WIP, naruto character

    That's not Naruto, you know ;p. Unless you want to prove me wrong.
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    A Flash film for you to think about

    Lord.. this flash gave me eye seizure. 5 seconds long, I don't really see the point. "Oh no, a test." Tests test your knowledge on the subject, whether you like it or not, you still have to do them. I don't support 487312417 tests per year, maybe a review after every section of the subject...
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    Redid it.
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    Uh. I think the BG is considerably flat, and I don't know what to add. I need ideas, peoples. O:! Rate if you wish.
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    Do YOU Belive in Ghosts?

    It's all in your head.
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    The mind is a wonderful thing.

    The sound of stepping on snow makes me cringe. The thought of clipping your nipples do to.
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    The mind is a wonderful thing.

    Try thinking about absolutely nothing. Impossible, right?
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    7/10, the pic cutting looks bad :b.
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    Shika still wins.

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    Aliens Versus Predator

    There were only 2 fight scenes, kinda sucked. The whole "bomb" thing could've been better. Think about it, if they put the bombs there at the beginning, you just skipped 2 hours :p. SEBASTIAN DIED ;_;
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    Now if they could make animated screaming faces.. wheeeeeeeee
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    Well.. I don't like the "follow the trend" Goths. They SUCK. If you go to a gothic and ask why they are goth, and they say "Why the **** do you care?" then you've got yourself a real one. :D The trend ones wear the makeup, and act depressed and alone all the time >_>.
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    7/10, easy on the eyes.
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    Gotenks WIP

    Actually, the arms looks a tad skinny, might want to fix that. With a good skin, this might make my list of "Top 10 Models and Skins" ;o.
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    Fun time-waster.

    Update: I beat Round 2, 7th person to beat it. Buhahahahahaha.
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    Fun time-waster.

    Hints ----- 13: (Look from the top left to the bottom right). 14: ...plastic. I can't explain that one >_>. 16: YOU GUYS SEEM TO DO THIS ALOT IN IRC HERHAHR. Saiga: 18 is Samba, the 'B' looks like a R, I know. 19: Top right corner. Note: 49 is so damn hard it's not even FUNNY.
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    Fun time-waster.

    Level 5 is crowd, look at the red letters near the bottom right. (Hard to see). Photoshop might help too >_>.
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    Fun time-waster. You look for the hidden word in the picture. Number 9 is eyeballs, that's the only one I'm saying because I think that one is impossible to see. I already beat it (check the winners list >;O).
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    People that are calling people noobs.

    That is one bloody sentence. This is one thing that is also "noobish" in my eyes. Now there's a different between a "newbie" and a "noob". A newbie is someone new to the game, and is starting to learn it. A "noob" is someone who knows the game, but uses "cheap" tactics, or plays to simply...