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  1. majin goketa

    Warning!! Contains Graphic Content

  2. majin goketa

    ESF in a Magazine

    Just to tell everybody that ESF was recently included in PC Format's Bonus DVD in this Month's issue.
  3. majin goketa

    Dragonball Kanzenban

    The original manga of DragonBall is currently being re-released as the "Kanzenban" volumes. Each volume sports brand-new cover art, all drawn by original author / artist Akira Toriyama. The Manga will be a 34 Volume Collection in this edition. It's sort of like a perfect Edition of the Manga...
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    Recently I've been hanging out with someone from the great big land to the west called America. Now since Ireland isn't that disconnected from the rest of the world, I know what most of the slang means. Sometimes however I hear them use the words Punk, Prep and Jock to describe people...
  5. majin goketa

    Budokai 2

    I just got the game the other day and I have to say it's pretty damn cool, especially the Finishing moves. I'm no where near finishing it and some of the secret capsules I got have obscure methods of being attained.
  6. majin goketa

    DragonMod Z

    Has anyone seen the DragonModZ page. There is a picture of a baby on it and a bunch of wierd text.
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    I was asked to find out what most people think the meanings of these two phrases are: 1.Quantum Leap 2.Theory A group I work with want to see how far most people's definitions are from the real scientific meaning.
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    Sleep paralysis

    Me, my dad and my youngest brother have all had this really unusual sleeping disorder where we wake up with our bodies asleep but our mind is fully alert. The only way we can wake up is by concetrating on moving our finger and getting it to move and then do the same for the arms and legs. We...
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    esf_mid map

    This has probably been already delt with, but what textures was esf_mid planned to have.
  10. majin goketa

    Non-Fantasy RPGs

    I was wondering what is anyone's favourite Non-fantasy RPG (i.e. one that isn't Elves and dwarves and stuff like that) My favourite was a Sci-Fi one from years ago called Megatraveller.
  11. majin goketa

    My Post Count

    Help!!, my post count is stuck on 19.
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    Vegeta SSJ2

    This isn't a critique of the model(which I think is cool). I was just wondering could Vegeta not go SSJ2 without the Majin symbol as his 2nd Form and have SSJ2 with the Majin Symbol as his third form.
  13. majin goketa

    2 Mods you might not know about.

    For those of you who didn't know there is a Mod which puts Squaresoft's Characters against Dragonball Z Characters. Here it is: *Link removed* And Bid For Power 2 is set to be made when Half Life 2 comes out.
  14. majin goketa

    Next Level of Transformations

    I was just wondering what kind of animation do you think they should have for Goku and Vegeta going SSJ2. Since we never see Goku and Vegeta go SSJ2 for the first time in the show the team can do what they want.
  15. majin goketa

    Manga vs. Anime

    How many of you think the Manga is better than the Anime. The plot is alot less complicated and there is more of a mystery to things. Like you never see what Goku's Father looked like or how freeza destroyed planet vegeta.
  16. majin goketa

    DBZ on Buffy

    Hey, Did anyone see DragonballZ mentioned on Buffy the other day.
  17. majin goketa

    Scatter Shot

    I just noticed this when messing around but piccolo's scatter shot cannot be select by pressing a number. I know this is a very minor bug, but it can only be selected with the mouse wheel or by pressing [ or ].
  18. majin goketa


    I was just wondering, is there any difference between the European version of Budokai and the Amercian version. I know they both have different boxes but I heard somewhere that the Amercian has english voices but my European version has japanese voices with subtitles.
  19. majin goketa


    Since Goku will have 3 transformations, how will characters like vegeta match him. Will Vegeta be given his majin form as a Super Saiyan 3 equivilant or will he just have two transformations but have more attacks to make him equal with goku.
  20. majin goketa

    Transformation Animation

    My favourite thing about the Beta is the Transformation animtions for the first time you transform, so I'm asking what's your Favourite one. Mine is Goku's, with Trunks' one being a close second. To the Team: Brilliant Beta and I can't wait to see the transformation animation for Super...