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  1. Lord_Runix

    source engine????????????????

    I watched the new videos with the new melee system and I was wandering if you could tell me if that sort of graphic is for half life 1 mod? or the mod with this graphics is for the half life 2(source engine)?and if is for the source engine were can i download it from HELP PLOX THANKS:D
  2. Lord_Runix

    Someone help!!!!!! Ecx problem

    you need to be sure that you didnt intaled ecx in the esf folder ecx needs to be instaled in hl folder;)
  3. Lord_Runix

    Nutzy broly

    Were can i get nutzy broly model because i want to edit the model from normal and sjj to ssj2 ssj3 and sjj4:devgrin:
  4. Lord_Runix

    Broly SSJ4 model

    I have made an Broly SSJ4 model, it is my first model, and i chosen broly because is my favorite. The tail is not ready yet ! When it will be ready i will post it on the forum! Hope you will like it !!!:]:p