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  1. 8bit-Fighter

    Question for all who play Ragnarok

    Would anyone would be interested in playing on a private server? It would mean a lot less lag and alot less players. Im trying to get one set up for friends because we are all just sick of the lag.
  2. 8bit-Fighter

    For All Evangelion Fans

    For all you Evangelion fans out there, they are coming out with a live action movie here is the article
  3. 8bit-Fighter

    Running half life as a service

    I heard there is a program to run a half-life dedicated server in the background as a service. Does anyone know the program or anyway other way I can do it ?
  4. 8bit-Fighter

    Need help with Server

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if people wouldnt mind joining my server. Im testing to see how many people it can hold before it becomes laggy. here is the ip dont ask me the deal about the port.... it did it on its own
  5. 8bit-Fighter

    Adding bots with Dedicated server

    Is there anyway to add bots while running a dedicated server?