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    Im Sorri

    I didn't mean it the way i said it i was just a little crazy all i wanted to know was a rough estament of when it was coming because the site seems to be not woring properly and not informing me very much, plz don't get angry with me:scared:
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    Yo peeps when is new beta comin out??

    When is the new beta coming out?? and is it gonna be available on the site?? (man what a stupid question):id:
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    Where can i get all the maps for esf??

    as the name suggests.. where can i get all the maps including new ones :devsmile: O_O
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    i cant get into any esf servers!

    why cant i get into any esf servers do i need team fortress as well? or any other mod because i downloaded the esf installer fromthe site but unlike the other mods it had button to enter the game but instead i had to go into halflife and change it 2 esf then when i got the list of servers i...