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    Half life 2

    as you all know they are now working on half life 2 it shouldn't take to long before it appears in the stores but what will happen to esf when this happens will esf continue here on half life or are we all gonne start over in half life 2
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    Darksun Goku

    well i like ssj3 and 4 the moste dunno ssj 4 just has something i mean he get's 2 times bigger then normal and stuff and he's just incredebly strong:P but best would if there would come a goku pack with normal till ssj 4 :D then everyone has got what they want:D
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    make the room inside the lookout where goku and uub where fighting during uub's exams with lot's of flying rocks you can blow up and stuff
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    ssj 4 models

    srry to disapoint you but i've seen those models long long time ago think saw them last year or something brollman models for a long time at least i thought he modeld before i took a break in esf that was about last year i guess but anywayz i ment good models like this...
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    ssj 4 models

    i'm looking for an GOOD ssj4 goku model and ssj4 vegeta model (not quick made crappy models) and a chibi goku model with tail
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    little question to the esf team

    well i was wondering when esf 1.1 is released for as far as i could notice it is finished but not released and sinds it is vacation here in holland i was wondering?? already know that you can't say the precise release date but wanne know if it is released in now and 2 weeks
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    puppetpall Z?

    well sorry cold steel i couldn't post your last creations cuz of school i'm verry bussy right now cuz it's my last period and i have to work now or else i can do the year again :P:P but i still can post it this weekend if you want me to just ask me
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    well not really i'm only stoned when i smoked a stick but anywayz are you working on part 6b now or does that take a little while to and how'z yur map going on show me some pics of that to soon Da Greetz Grounded
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    whatever i think part 5 will do but not ask me that i'll change it tomorow or something little stoned now;D :shocked:
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    okay cold steel and the rest of esf i hosted part 5 of puppetpall z have fun with it and about the hosting it's no problem for me it is the least i can do for a friend that makes funny comic's:laff:
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    hehe tnx for the compliment cold steel when are you gonne finish part six i'm curious what you'll come up with if ur finished sent it then i'll host it along with the others we don't want to lose any of your puppet friends:P
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    LOLZ but the drawing stile is just a part of this comic without the origenal drawings (if cold steel is making them to serious) it would be JUST stupid cuz this models in the comic now make it funny and it is just fun not to rofl but they are fun AND YOU CAN'T DENIED IT
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    Yes there is dude buu bonks goku cuz goku insult buu and then vegeta laughs and then goku gives vegeta a few bonks and then buu laughs and then vegeta totaly screw up buu:laff: :laff:
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    well don't have much time i don't have much time to host anything cuz of school but soon as i got the change i'll host it
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    hey take it easy dude:P first of all i didn't make them coldsteel did dude:P:P:P
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    i shall ask if cold steel can make a few others and aisha this comic is not about how good the drawings are but they where made for the fun to enjoy people not for a beauty medal :D :p
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    PuppetpallZ the comic

    Give a big CREDIT to Cold Steel the creator of this funny comic puppetpall z part 1: puppetpall z part 2: puppetpall z part 3 4 and 5 can be found at ...
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    SS-J Strain

    but if u keep power up u still can stay ssj for long time and and in serie they can't power up to stay ssj for longer time so i think in later versions this may be the solution
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    Piccolo's Regeneration! -- READ

    piccolo doesn't need water for his regeneration and second buu can regenerate his energy and life and piccolo only body parts and if he regenerates a part of his body he doesn't get his life force back it even take some life force as u proberly already know they use no ki but they use there...
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    Ki amount and PL

    maybe not base it on power but when u turn ssj maybe give someone more ki to use if u charge a final flash as normal vegeta u can charge it once and if u get ssj u get twice as much ki as power and so u can charge 2 finals and if u get a ssj 2 u can charge 3 or 4 since i think that ssj 2 should...