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    To Esf Crew

    I think I will be speaking for everyone here when I say congradulations on what looks to be a job well done. I just got done watching the trailer for Beta.. And it looks kick ass.. I must say this will easly beat out DMZ or any other future mods.. Well.. It should be to hard.. DMZ sucked...
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    Vegeta is way too powerful.. All he really needs to do is keep charging Big Bang attacks and fly around.. Its that simple to play Vegeta, You really need to make him much weaker.. Like his in the show. Like in the show Vegeta was never as strong as Goku, and in the game he can pwn goku and...
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    Problems with Client.DLL

    Everytime I try to join a server or start a game it displays (Cannot Load Client.Dll Library) or something like that. I asked for help and the guy that mailed me back said it had something to do with the Fmod.dll. What ever that is.. Where will I find it and how will I fix the problem?