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    Good servers

    Anybody have some good servers to suggest to play on?
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    Melee is frustrating...

    I suck at melee...any tips?
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    finally installed, now it wont load

    so yeah, finally installed but now i cant load the program. as seen, ive placed a shortcut of dbz/esf (the game file) on my desktop and double clicked to load. however, the "choose program" thing loads instead of esf. either i did something wrong and forgot to download something or i just...
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    problems installing

    i've tried many times to install the files from the downloads but everytime it froze. ive redownloaded and everything, and yes, i am a n00b. so i was just hoping y'all could help me out a little and suggest a mirror site or something of the such to download a non-corrupted install file (full...